"Quintuple" Stimulus Vouchers to Kick-start in Late September 五倍券預計9月下旬登記 10月上旬領取

The Executive Yuan is expected to open registrations for a new round of "quintuple" stimulus vouchers in late September. The vouchers will expire on Apr. 30, 2022.  In addition, various government agencies will distribute around 13 million themed vouchers as well. 

According to the National Development Council, the "quintuple" stimulus vouchers will strengthen digital efforts and help small businesses. Citizens can start registering for vouchers in late September. Vouchers can be used between early October and Apr. 30, 2022.

Luo Ping-cheng, Executive Yuan Spokesperson:”To make digital vouchers more convenient, we have expanded online payment tools. Users will be able to tie their vouchers to their credit card, digital wallet, EasyCards, or iPass. In addition, we have designed identification badges to help stores identify quintuple vouchers so that consumers can get the same benefits as people using paper vouchers.”

In addition, various government agencies will distribute their themed vouchers, including cultural, domestic travel, and indigenous vouchers.During a press conference on Aug. 26, pan-green lawmaker Chung Chia-pin called on the Ministry of Economic Affairs and other agencies to incorporate small businesses into the digital payment ranks.

Chung Chia-pin, Legislator (DPP):” Find a way to let small businesses be able to reel in digital payment consumers. Government, will you do this or not?”

Chen Mi-shun, Deputy Director General, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration:” (In the past), the government subsidized NT$1 for every NT$1 from businesses. Now, we are shelling out NT$4 for every NT$1. That's a ratio of 1 to 4. We are also offering subsidies of up to NT$30,000.”

Chiu Chen-yuan, Legislator (TPP):” With wealth exclusion, the NT$1 billion-plus of administrative costs (the Tsai administration spent on the voucher program) equates to NT$5,000 cash per citizen. Again, the amount of money the government spent on the voucher program could have been used for cash distributions to over 230,000 people.” 

The Taiwan People's Party caucus reissued its calls for cash distributions instead of vouchers, saying businesses will remain closed as long as epidemic restrictions remain in place and they won't be able to benefit from the voucher program.




行政院發言人 羅秉成:「為了要讓數位券更好用所以我們也開放了共同綁定,擴大支付工具,包括可以綁定信用卡電子支付,悠遊卡或一卡通等電子票券。此外也設計了識別的標章,讓店家能夠辨識這是五倍券,可以同享紙本券的各種優惠 。」


民進黨立委 鍾佳濱:「讓小店家他的釣竿裝了魚鉤,可以勾住電子支付的消費者,請問政府你做不做。」

經濟部中小企業處副處長 陳秘順:「(之前)我們政府補1塊,然後業者出1塊,現在已經做更動了。現在就是業者只要出1塊,我們出4塊,就是1:4,最高補3萬元。」

民眾黨立委 邱臣遠:「這10幾億的行政費用 ,如果以整個政府的補助,每人5千元來算的話,拿去排富發現金,在這些光是行政費用就可以發超過23萬的民眾。」


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