"Quintuple Voucher" Plan to Be Announced Before End of Aug. 蘇揆向總統報告五倍券規劃 最快月底公布

Numerous Lawmakers from both parties are still trying to talk the central government into reconsidering its decision of issuing the so-called "quintuple voucher". They say paying NT$1,000 for vouchers would create a financial burden on citizens. The Kuomintang, meanwhile, said it's organizing a truck parade around the Executive Yuan to make sure their messages are heard.

At 10:20 a.m., cars started arriving at the presidential residence. Premier Su Tseng-chang arrives at 10:30 a.m. to brief President Tsai Ing-wen on the "quintuple voucher" plan. According to reports, details on the voucher program could be announced before the end of the month. 

The central government is facing criticism from even its own lawmakers, who say this has been an extremely tough year and the central government shouldn't be forcing citizens to pay NT$1,000 for vouchers.

Wang Mei-hui, Legislator (DPP):” If (citizens) have to fork over NT$1,000 to get (vouchers), a three-generation family of nine would have to come up with NT$9,000. This will become a financial burden on citizens. “

Cheng Yun-peng, Legislator (DPP):” Everyone has their own opinion, even within the DPP. Whether it's the Executive Yuan or party officials or whoever else, we are listening to everyone's opinions before we make a final decision on how to proceed.” 

The Kuomintang, meanwhile, is calling for relief in the form of cash and using sound trucks to make sure Executive Yuan officials hear the message.

Johnny Chiang, KMT Chair:” Every single online survey is showing over 80 percent support for cash. Our pan-green lawmaker friends are caught in the middle and afraid to speak out. It's very simple, President Tsai. Walk down the street and listen to what the people want. You'll find out very quickly what they want you to do.” 

The debate on relief and bailout programs will continue, but one thing all sides can agree on is the economy needs help.