Plane Carrying Badminton Athletes Gets Military Escort 東奧羽球國手返台 4幻象伴飛施放熱焰彈

Also sparking debate is President Tsai's decision to have four Mirage fighter jets to escort the flight that transported Chinese Taipei's badminton delegation back to Taiwan. The athletes shared this rare and honorable sight on their social media.

This China Airlines flight was responsible for transporting Chinese Taipei's Olympic badminton delegation back to Taiwan. The Ministry of National Defense arranged for four Mirage 2000 fighter jets to escort the flight after it entered Taiwan's air defense identification zone on the orders of President Tsai Ing-wen. The military jets released flares to welcome back the athletes.

The four Mirage 2000 fighter jets departed from Hsinchu Air Base to celebrate the return of the athletes. Badminton player Tai Tzu-ying shared her excitement over the military escort via an Instagram Story. Badminton gold medalist Lee Yang shared images taken from the cabin of the plane of everyone using their phones to record this moment. This was not the first time that returning athletes received a military escort. The last time was in 2018 when F-16 planes were used to celebrate athletes returning from the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta with 17 gold medals, 19 silver medals, and 31 bronze medals.

While the athletes were waiting to clear customs, badminton players Wang Tzu-wei and Chou Tien-chen, who made the round of 16 and quarterfinals, respectively, shared their thoughts on their experience.

Wang Tzu-wei, Chinese Taipei Olympic Badminton Player:"The experience from the match that I lost taught me many things, such as what adjustments I need to make the next time I face (Viktor Axelsen)."

Chou Tien-chen, Chinese Taipei Olympic Badminton Player:"Everyone on the badminton team performed really well this time, especially Lee Yang and Wang Chi-lin. I think they made history."

Tai declined to speak to the media, leaving the spotlight for the gold-medal winning pair of Lee Yang and Wang Chi-lin. Their gold medal in the men's doubles competition was Chinese Taipei's first-ever gold medal in badminton.

Wang Chi-lin, Chinese Taipei Olympic Badminton Gold Medalist:"(Right before the medal ceremony, the two of you looked at each other. What were you thinking during that moment?) I was looking at Lee Yang to confirm with him about what they just told us, that they would call our names, and then we would stop onto the podium. So I looked at him in that way. Even when he stepped up, I couldn't believe this was happening."

Lee Yang, Chinese Taipei Olympic Badminton Gold Medalist:"I asked Chi-lin, are the two of us really the winners? I couldn't believe it, that it was the two of us who achieved this thing. Before we departed, we hadn't thought about this, we only wanted to play well and be tactically sound in every match."

Lee also said that regardless of the results, athletes need to return to the essence of athletes and take every training session and competition seriously.







東奧羽球國手 王子維表示:「但從(落敗)那場球的經驗來講,我自己也有學到滿多的東西,像是下一次遇到他(Viktor Axelsen)的時候,可能要做哪一些的變化。」

東奧羽球國手 周天成表示:「這次羽球隊,大家的表現都非常好,然後特別是李洋、王齊麟,我覺得他們就創造一個歷史。」


東奧羽球雙打金牌得主 王齊麟表示:「(你們在踏上頒獎台之前,深情對望過,當時在想什麼?) 我在看李洋,跟他確認說,他剛剛是不是跟我們講說,我們要喊到我們名字以後,才上去?所以我就這樣看他,就是看他。站上去的時候,其實還是有點不太可思議吧!」

東奧羽球雙打金牌得主 李洋表示:「跟齊麟講說,真的是我們兩個嗎?然後也是覺得很不可思議吧!是我們兩個做到這件事情,然後因為在出發前,我們也沒有那麼,想到是我們,我們就只是想說,把內容做好,然後把每一場的戰術打好。」



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