Vaccine Registration Opens for People Aged 18 and Above / 疫苗預約平台 今開放18歲以上登記意願

Taiwan has opened vaccination registration to all adults aged 18 and over as the shortage seems to be easing. Restrictions on nursing homes are also set to be relaxed if at least 80 percent of the staff is vaccinated. 

The national online vaccine registration system, developed by the Minister without Portfolio Audrey Tang, is now opened to people in the 9th and 10th priority groups from July 13. It means clinically vulnerable people between 18 to 64 and all adults between 50 to 64 are now entitled to register for a vaccine. Those who were born earlier than 2003 are also eligible.

Chen Tzung-yen, Deputy Chief, CECC:”The third round of vaccination registration has started. The system is now opened for people who are 18 and older to indicate their preferences.”

The CECC says the amount of reservation per day is depending on the capacity of each medical facility, so anyone who is qualified for a vaccine would receive a text message and is expected to book a timeslot for vaccination as soon as possible. 

As the caseload of domestic infections continues to decline and the Rt value gradually decreases, the CECC is now considering the possibility of reopening small-size daycare centers, nursing homes, service centers for the handicapped, daycare centers, among others.

Chen Tzung-yen, Deputy Chief, CECC:”The vaccine coverage rate of these service personnel needs to reach 80 percent. Those who haven't received the jab or those who have received the first dose under 14 days, need to present a negative antigen test result for COVID-19 three days before providing services, or they need to present proof of being released from quarantine. Under the Level 3 epidemic alert, they need to pay for the antigen test. “

In addition, the traffic flow within the aforementioned facilities needs to be clearly segregated. If the facilities provide transportation services, the number of people per car will be limited to 10. Once a confirmed case emerges, all services need to be suspended, the case and a list of contacts are to be reported to the authority in charge and the facilities need to comply with the epidemic investigation. 



中央流行疫情指揮中心副指揮官 陳宗彥:「現在在第三輪的疫苗意願登記,已經將18歲以上開放。」



中央流行疫情指揮中心副指揮官 陳宗彥:「整體的工作人員的疫苗施打率要達到8成,未接種疫苗或第一劑疫苗未滿14日者,提供服務前應於3日內檢附新冠肺炎的抗原快篩陰性的證明,或解除隔離的證明。在三級警戒期間,要配合每週的自費提供抗原快篩的陰性證明。」