Exam. Yuan President Nominee "Emotionally Prepared" to be Last|恐成考試院末代院長 黃榮村:做好心理準備

The Legislative Yuan reviewed the nomination of Huang Jong-tsun as Examination Yuan president on July 8. During the interpellation, lawmakers asked Huang about the proposal to abolish the Examination Yuan. Huang said he completely supports any reform that would upgrade the constitutional system and improve government efficiency. He also said he is fully emotionally prepared to be the last Examination Yuan president.

On the 8th, lawmakers interviewed the nominees for Examination Yuan president and vice president. Examination Yuan president nominee Huang Jong-tsun said future national exams would test the well-roundedness and dynamic capability of future civil servants along with their ability to connect with international society. Asked about the current proposal to abolish the Examination Yuan, Huang said he is emotionally prepared to serve as the final Examination Yuan president.

…the final Examination Yuan president before the constitution is amended. The final term may not even be four years. Do you understand? Are you emotionally prepared? Actually, I've gradually -- I already feel like I'm emotionally prepared to be the final Examination Yuan president.

Huang said he supports the abolishment of the Examination Yuan and any other reforms that would improve the constitutional system and government efficiency. New Power Party lawmaker Wang Wan-yu took issue with this, especially after the NPP distributed questionnaires to all Examination Yuan nominees and not a single one bothered to respond. Taiwan People's Party lawmaker Lai Hsiang-ling, meanwhile, criticized Examination Yuan ministers for their multitude of side jobs, in particular pointing her finger at Lee Hsuan and his 49 other positions, Chao Li-yun and her 43 other positions, and current Examination Yuan President Wu Jin-lin for his 41 other positions.

The top reason the Examination Yuan should be abolished is that it serves no purpose. If you look at charity foundations or, for example, university advisors, or academic societies -- I've told them if the Legislative Yuan passes the resolution, they would all be removed.

Huang said he hopes the Examination Yuan and Executive Yuan can work together and be on the same side in the future, but pan-blue lawmakers pointed out the two are supposed to keep each other in check. One pan-blue lawmaker also pointed out Huang became the president of a private school after stepping down as education minister, which led to criticisms from pan-green lawmakers that he was taking a double salary. In response, Huang said he was only trying to protect schools at the time.


民進黨團書記長 鍾佳濱 vs. 考試院長被提名人 黃榮村表示:「(修憲前最後一任的考試院院長,甚至任期可能未達4年,你有瞭解嗎?有心理準備嗎?) 我其實慢慢地,我已經覺得,有這樣的一個末代院長的心理準備。」


民眾黨團總召 賴香伶 vs. 考試院長被提名人 黃榮村表示:「(考試院該廢除的第一個理由,是他們根本不務正業,那不務正業就是說,他在這個兼課兼職的狀況下,是浮濫的,公益基金會,還有比如說,大學裡面的諮詢委員會的委員,還有學會甚至學會等等。) 我都跟他們說了,我假如立法院審查同意通過,全部要辭掉。」