Not Planning Replacement for Vice Premier: Su|副閣揆人選? 蘇:陳還沒辭.想這個對他歹勢

President Tsai Ing-wen and Premier Su Tseng-chang attended the Police Day celebration ceremony to pay respects to the police officers, and also answered a few sensitive questions.

A large quantity of these class-3 drugs which are currently popular are laid on the table. These barrels all consist of raw materials for the drug, totaling 3,500 kilograms. These are among the latest drug seizure by police officers. President Tsai Ing-wen and Premier Su Tseng-chang visited the police officers on Police Day, June 15, and said that they will help ensure that officers are safe while doing their job.

The Executive Yuan has cleared a NT$480 million budget to purchase lighter police batons and new Tasers. Part of the budget is also used to build an interactive shooting range. The goal is to equip the officers with better gear.

Tsai and Su have both acknowledged the hard work of the police officers. Su also acknowledged the performance of Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai. Chen might elect to join the upcoming Kaohsiung by-election, and Su was asked about whether the government has nominated a candidate to take Chen's post. Su responded by saying that it's not right to plan a replacement for Chen at this stage.

I'm not thinking about a replacement vice premier right now. (What about Chen Shih-chung?) Chen has done well on his position. (If you were to pick between Chen and Economics Minister Shen Jung-chin, who would you pick?) I never said I'd pick one. Chen hasn't said that he'd quit his job so it's not right to plan a replacement for him.

Su has acknowledged the performance of Health Minister Chen Shih-chung. He was also asked about the controversial new policy that caps the amount of the out-of-pocket expenses for certain medical equipment, which had led to push backs from medical professionals. The policy has since been put on hold, and Su said that the government should thoroughly communicated with relevant parties before launching the policy.

The intention behind the new policy was good. It was originally aimed to reduce the public's burden. The team in the government should've been briefed on the policy and accompanying information should have been sent to the public to avoid misunderstandings.

Some speculate that Su could be criticizing the Ministry of Health and Welfare for not thoroughly planning out the policy and taking into considerations of all who are involved. While the policy is on hold, Su has asked Health Minister Chen Shih-chung to hold discussions with experts from the medical field in order to come up with an improved version of the policy.


總統 蔡英文表示:「行政院已經核定4億8千萬的經費,要增購更輕便的警棍,拋射式的電擊器,以及建置互動式情境模擬靶場,我們要讓同仁有更好的裝備。」


行政院長 蘇貞昌表示:「副閣揆現在還不用想。(陳時中如何?)陳時中也表現很好。(那沈榮津、陳時中兩個人,要選一個,要選誰?)我沒有說兩個選一個,陳其邁都還沒有提出辭職,我就在想這個,對陳其邁不好意思。」


行政院長 蘇貞昌表示:「原是一個立意良好,希望減少民眾負擔的美意,一個政策推出,應該要讓整個團隊知道,並且也要準備好相關,譬如QA、懶人包等等,這樣才一個政策不會出於誤會,或者是思慮不夠周到。」