I May Enter the Race at the Last Minute: Tsai Pi-ru|投入高市補選? 蔡壁如:最後一刻再決定

Regarding the upcoming Kaohsiung City Mayor by-election, Taiwan People's Party Legislator Tsai Pi-ru said that a blue-white cooperation would be very difficult to achieve and said she is not personally ruling out the possibility of throwing her hat in the ring at the last minute.

Kaohsiung City mayor by-election candidates will register for the race between the 20th and 24th. Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai, who is widely expected to represent the Democratic Progressive Party, spent the weekend making appearances all over Kaohsiung. He visited Taiwan AI Labs in Taipei on the 15th.

I will give my all to showing my determination and do the best job I can in the next stage of my career. As for what kind of candidate the KMT will nominate, I respect the KMT's thinking and decision.

The Kuomintang and Taiwan People's Party have yet to announce their candidates either. TPP lawmaker Tsai Pi-ru admitted a joint blue-white candidate was unlikely and said she may throw her hat in the ring at the last minute. Tsai moved her residence to Kaohsiung in March.

Should we jointly support an independent candidate that local residents will support? Have you discussed this with Mayor Ko? If he tells me to run -- the chair said this is troublesome, never mind, go run. I'll make my decision at the last minute.

New Taipei City Mayor Hou Yu-ih, meanwhile, said the KMT needs to choose a young candidate with local roots as soon as possible and he would definitely campaign for the candidate.

The KMT should have autonomy and the confidence to accept challenges. It should decide on a candidate as soon as possible -- hopefully someone who is young, innovative, and popular locally.

According to reports, at-large lawmaker Wu I-ding may be the one for the KMT. KMT legislative caucus convener Lin Wei-chou says the KMT will not be absent from the election and the party is reviewing its candidate shortlist. Lin hopes the KMT Central Standing Committee can finalize details on the 17th and formally announce its candidate before the 19th.


行政院副院長 陳其邁表示:「我一定是專心全力的,來展現我的決心,把我要做的下一個階段的工作,把它做好。至於國民黨要提什麼人選,這個要尊重國民黨的一些想法跟做法。」


民眾黨立委 蔡壁如 vs. 電台主持人 黃暐瀚表示:「那我們是不是來共推一個,當地大家都可以支持,推一個無黨籍,讓大家都可以支持。(你跟柯市長談過了嗎?如果他叫你出來選呢?)主席講說,這個傷腦筋,算了,你去選好了,最後一刻再來決定好了!」


新北市長 侯友宜表示:「國民黨應該有自己的自主性,有信心接受挑戰,能夠快速地提名在地,年輕有創意接地氣的候選人。」