Dajia Jenn Lann Temple Chair Undergoes Liver Transplant|顏清標動活體換肝手術 11小時順利完成

Dajia Jenn Lann Temple Chairperson Yen Ching-piao underwent a living-donor liver transplant at Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. The operation had lasted 11 hours. On May 14, the hospital said Yen is recovering well and will remain hospitalized for about a month.

Dajia Jenn Lann Temple Chairperson Yen Ching-piao underwent a physical examination in March, during which a tumor was found in his liver. Doctors advised a liver transplant, and all five of his children said they were willing to become donors. His daughter and second son were found to be the best matches. The family then held a family meeting, and it was decided that the second son would be the donor. Prior to the surgery, Yen went to the temple to pray that everything would proceed smoothly.

He came to pray to Mazu, and to ask her to bless and protect his health, as well as his child. The person who was the most worried was his wife, because she was worrying about her husband and her son, as her husband had to undergo an operation and her son had to be the donor.

The Yen family declined to comment on the surgery, and two of the children issued a written statement on May 13 thanking everyone for their concern. The living-donor liver transplant took place on that day at Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. On May 14, the hospital said that the procedure was successful, though there were some challenges.

Mr. Yen's surgery was completed last night, and he is recovering well and is awake. The donor, his son, is also awake and was extubated yesterday. To be frank, this surgery had one of the highest degrees of difficulty out of the nearly 2,000 that we have performed. It was one of the most challenging surgeries we have performed.

The hospital said Yen's liver tumor was classified as early stage, and was about two to three centimeters long. He was treated with drugs prior to the procedure to avert metastasis, and the transplant was only performed after the tumor shrank to one centimeter. Follow-up treatment will lower the risk of a relapse.

The son retained 35 percent of his left lobe. He is conscious and has been extubated. His father will remain hospitalized for one month.


大甲鎮瀾宮副董事長 鄭銘坤表示:「他來求媽祖,也是要保佑他健康,保佑他的小孩。最煩惱就是他的太太,你看也要煩惱兒子,也要煩惱丈夫,然後你看,先生也要開刀,小孩子又要捐(肝)。」


高雄長庚醫院名譽院長 陳肇隆表示:「顏先生,他昨天晚上完成手術,術後的情況也非常好,完全清醒。捐肝者,那個兒子,已經完全清醒,昨天晚上就已經拔管。坦白來說,這一例手術,是我們近兩千例手術中,難度比較高,挑戰最大的手術之一。」