New Rationing System for Masks Takes Effect |口罩實名制3.0上路 藥局湧現排隊人潮

The newest name-based rationing system for face masks kicks off on April 9. Each National Health Insurance card holder can purchase up to 10 children's masks and 9 adult masks per 14 days, up from the previous 5 children's masks and 3 adult masks per 7 days. However, some think that this is still not enough.

People are queuing up in front of the pharmacy early in the morning to purchase face masks. The newest name-based rationing system for face masks takes effect on April 9th with a newly-adjusted purchasing cycle from once a week to once every two weeks. The number of adult masks one can purchase at a time is increased from 3 masks to 9 masks. However, a majority of people think the quantity should be increased more as the domestic production capacity for face masks are now over ten millions per day.

It is better if we can buy up to 14 face masks per 14 days because we need to wear face masks on the weekends as well. The kids talk when they are in school, they've used 5 masks on the first day.

It is better to have 1 mask per day. As for going to work, I think I need at least 5 masks per week.

In the past, people needed to purchase the face masks according to whether the last digit of their ID number is an even number or an odd number. Under the new system, people can purchase face masks anytime regardless of their ID numbers. As crowds are lining up at the pharmacies, the Taiwan Pharmacist Association urged the pharmacies to set up transparent partitions or PVC covers above their counters in order to block droplets.

The check-out counter is the place where the pharmacist comes in close contact with the public, therefore an acrylic protective cover or a plastic film is needed to prevent possible infection.

We don't have the extra energy to look for acrylic partition vendors and ask them to ask the government to assist in taking precautions according to the different situations of every pharmacy.

Some pharmacies said even though the government has urged people to keep a certain social distance but it is not mandatory. Crowds lining up close to each other for face masks does pose a threat of cluster infection. The Pharmacist Association suggested the government make the wearing of face masks mandatory when lining up outside or inside the pharmacies for virus-prevention.





藥師公會全聯會理事長 黃金舜表示:「接觸民眾最近的地方收銀台,要有像壓克力的防護罩,還是自己去選擇做塑膠膜,可以避免感染。」

藥師 沈采穎表示:「我們沒有餘力,再去找一些壓克力的廠商,要求政府,針對每個藥局的一個不同的狀況,來協助我們來做一個防護的動作。」