Second Charter Passengers Cleared to Go Home|第二批武漢包機返台361人 解除隔離返家

The second set of charter flights have landed, bringing 361 people back to Taiwan and the group has been cleared to go home following 14 days of quarantine. Many people were excited and happy, and also thankful to the medical personnel who took care of them.

On the 25th, ROC citizens who returned to Taiwan from Wuhan on the second set of charter flights were cleared to go home after 14 days in quarantine. Those that didn't have anyone picking them up were driven to transport stations.

The medical personnel sacrificed sleep and meals to take care of us. I saw it with my own eyes. I am so very touched. Excuse me. Thank you. Thank you.

I am an elementary school student who was stuck in Hubei. I thank the government charters for getting me safely back to home sweet home.

The group was very thankful to the medical personnel who took care of them during the two weeks. Around 600 ROC citizens, including six pregnant women and 152 children, remain stuck in Hubei.

Their lives are extremely difficult. First of all, pregnant women can't get prenatal checkups. Children can't go to school and everyone is stuck at home together. I hope the government can bring them back as soon as possible.
Can there be two more charter flights? It can be like last time, one China Airlines flight and one China Eastern Airlines flight. Two flights can bring over 400 people back. Around half have returned already.

Hsu Cheng-wen says the ROC citizens that are still in Hubei want to go home and say they are trapped in the cross-strait politics game.

Minister Chen says with Wuhan no longer under lockdown, we can take ourselves off the registration list and return to Taiwan on our own. Premier Su says we can only come back by charter. We have no idea what we're supposed to do.

There are no details on a third set of charter flights. Hsu says many of the ROC citizens in Hubei urgently need to return home and he hopes the government can make this possible.






湖北台灣同胞返台救援會長 徐正文表示:「是不是可以再一趟包機兩架飛機,比照之前第二次包機的模式,一架華航、一架東航,這樣可以接回四百多人。那基本上,大概差不多一半都回來了。」