No Need For Taiwan to Join WHO: China|WHO執委會登場 中國代表:台灣無需加入WHO

WHO held its executive board meeting in Geneva on Feb. 3. During the meeting, China told the WHO that it had shared full information on coronavirus with authorities in Taiwan, and that channels of communication across the straits were "unblocked."

An executive committee meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) was held in Geneva on Feb. 3, local time. The main topics are the ongoing coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China and whether Taiwan should be a part of the organization. China told the WHO that it had shared full information on coronavirus with authorities in Taiwan and that it considers Taiwan as a part of China.

Mainland China has provided the latest updates on the virus outbreak to people in the Taiwan area on multiple occasions.

The Chinese representative said that, starting Jan. 3, Beijing has been proactively sharing full information on the coronavirus with Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including the virus's genetic makeup. Experts from these regions have also been invited to Wuhan to investigate the development of the outbreak. The representative said that Taiwan has a proper channel to get the latest health information and thus has no reason to join the WHO.

The idea that Taiwan not being a member of the WHO would cause a loophole in the global disease prevention effort does not exist. It's a made up lie by the Taiwan government for its bid to join the WHO.

Taiwan is currently not part of the WHO's disease prevention network. Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shih-chung said on Feb. 3 that he has dispatched staff members to Geneva in a bid for Taiwan to join the WHO. He said that joining the WHO would allow Taiwan to receive the latest health updates.

The changes in disease prevention effort is not measured by days, it's very often measured by hours, and it keeps on changing. Therefore, it's very important for Taiwan to join a global organization.

Chen also said that WHO has not been entirely up to date with the development in Wuhan, and that it was late in listing the incident as a global health emergency. On several occasions, WHO Secretary General Tedros Adhanom even praised China for its effort in containing the disease. A netizen in Canada has started a petition calling for Tedros Adhanom to resign over his improper handling of the Wuhan virus outbreak. More than 200,000 people have signed the online petition.


中國代表 李松表示:「大陸通過正常渠道,多次,即時的向台灣地區,通報了疫情防控最新的情況。」


中國代表 李松表示:「所謂的不讓台灣參加世衛大會,將導致國際防疫體系出現缺口,根本不存在,這不過是台灣當局圖謀,參與世衛大會而編織的謊言和藉口。」


中央流行疫情指揮中心指揮官 陳時中表示:「每天的防疫並不是以天計,那可能有時候以小時在計,持續不斷的在變化,所以參加這樣的世界衛生組織,是非常重要的一件事情。」