New Exchange of Allegations in Wang Liqiang Case|澳媒指王立強遭利誘 蔡正元反咬綠營收買

New information has emerged in the case of self-professed Chinese intelligence operative Wang Liqiang. Australian newspaper The Age alleged that Kuomintang Deputy Secretary-General Alex Tsai and Chinese businessperson Sun Tianqun coordinated at the end of 2019 to have Wang record a video message where he would recant his earlier statements. In response, Tsai released an audio file of Sun speaking with a reporter from the newspaper where Sun said Wang told him he was paid by former DPP Secretary-General Chiou I-jen to accuse Chinese businessperson Xiang Xin.

Were you entrusted by the Kuomintang? No. He can return safely. The Democratic Progressive Party promised to pay him a sum of money. Was it Chiou I-jen? He said it was a DPP secretary-general named Chiou. I asked him for the full name, and he told me it was Chiou I-jen.

New information has emerged in the case of self-professed Chinese intelligence operative Wang Liqiang. Kuomintang Deputy Secretary-General Alex Tsai has released an audio recording between Sun Tianqun, a friend of China Innovation Investment Chairperson Xiang Xin, and a reporter from Australia's The Age newspaper. Wang previously claimed Xiang employed him as a Chinese intelligence operative, and Sun requested that Wang clarify the facts. Sun also said that Wang told him former Democratic Progressive Party Secretary-General Chiou I-jen sent an envoy to bribe him, resulting in the accusations against Xiang.

I hadn't heard these statements from Wang Liqiang, but I did ask the Investigation Bureau and the National Security Bureau and it seems like no one knew about this. I was asked by others to help Xiang Xin resolve his exit ban issues to allow him to return to Hong Kong so that his company can operate normally.

Tsai said he released this recording at a sensitive time, just several days before the 2020 elections, because he wanted to respond to The Age's allegations that he and Sun tried to get Wang to film a video recanting his earlier statements at the end of 2019. Tsai also released a video with Wang, although the dialogue did not refer to receiving money from the DPP, and Tsai said he never heard Wang mention this and it was Sun who claimed this. He added that Wang's statements cannot be trusted.

Meanwhile, Kuomintang vice presidential candidate Simon Chang traveled to Chiayi City to campaign for the KMT's legislative candidates. He described President Tsai Ing-wen's "Great South, Great Development" policy as a campaign tactic and an effort to buy votes.

President Tsai Ing-wen only came up with the "Great South, Great Development" plan after three years in office, and coincidentally right before the election. It is a plan to buy votes.

Chang said KMT's "six-pack" policy offers complete measures for the growth of the agriculture, tourism, and other industries in Yunlin, Chiayi, and Nantou. He added KMT presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu values sports, and will upgrade the Sports Administration to a ministry, add to sports-related budgets, and build sports centers if elected.

向心友人孫天群 vs. 世紀報記者(蔡正元提供錄音檔):「(受到過國民黨的委託嗎?) 沒有。他能夠安全回來,民進黨答應他給他一筆錢。(邱義仁呢?) 他說是民進黨邱秘書長,那時候我問他,他是跟我說叫邱義仁。」


國民黨副秘書長 蔡正元表示:「我沒有聽過王立強這樣講,可是我問過調查局、國安局,好像也沒有人知道這個事,人家拜託我只是要幫向心,解除他限制出境,讓他回香港,公司能正常營運。」



國民黨副總統候選人 張善政表示:「大南方計畫只是蔡英文總統,在執政3年以後,臨時為了選舉,想出來的一個撒錢計畫。」


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