Small Political Parties Announcing Legislative Candidates|"台灣維新" "國會政黨聯盟" 公布立委名單

Small political parties are finalizing their nominations for the election. The Taiwan Renewal Party, led by Su Huan-chih, has announced nine nominees. Meanwhile, the Congress Party Alliance, which was founded by religious leader Wujue Miaotian, has also announced a list of 14 candidates.

I appear here today to call for unity in our political party.

Congress Party Alliance Chairperson Wujue Miaotian called for unity within his party through a video clip. On Oct. 29, the Congress Party Alliance announced a list of 14 candidates for district legislative seats. As for its legislator-at-large list, at present the only name on the list is Vice Chairperson Hsu Hsin-ying.

It was all talk until we formally announced we are taking part in the election. At that point, it's no longer talk, it's a battle. And the only outcomes are winning or losing.

Will the CPA support Han Kuo-yu in the presidential election? The party did not take a final stand. Wujue Miaotian did not appear in person at the event announcing the candidates, and there was also an incident where a candidate spontaneously announced a campaign to recall Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je. The CPA's deputy secretary-general said this was a personal opinion and didn't rule out the possibility of not registering that candidate. Meanwhile, the Taiwan Renewal Party, another small political party, also announced its first list of nine candidates for district legislative seats. Convener Su Huan-chih also revealed the party's slogan of surpassing green and blue to unite Taiwan.

Having the country raise children has slowly become a consensus in Taiwan. However, how should this policy be promoted? It is believed we need to return to communitarianism to have the country raise children.

Su also welcomed the public to nominate legislator-at-large candidates, adding that he will not be one of the candidates. Around two months remain before the 2020 general elections, and small political parties are trying to get party votes to secure seats in the Legislative Yuan.

國會政黨聯盟黨主席 悟覺妙天表示:「我出來就是想辦法,我們的政黨應該和諧。」


國會政黨聯盟副秘書長 高國慶表示:「選前都叫做語言,正式宣布我們要參選,那就不是語言了,那就是叫做作戰,作戰只有輸贏。」


台灣維新召集人 蘇煥智表示:「小孩國家養幾乎已經慢慢要形成台灣的一個共識,但是這個政策到底怎麼推動,台灣維新認為小孩國家養,要回到社區主義。」


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