Taroko National Park Scenic Spot Plagued by Trash Problem|拋棄式雨衣隨處丟棄 水濂洞景點髒亂不堪

Water Curtain Cave in Taroko National Park is a popular destination during the summertime. A trash problem has emerged at the scenic spot. Many tourists arrive at the cave with disposable raincoats, play in the water, and then discard the raincoats wherever they want, creating a huge mess at the entrance.

We picked them up from over there. We thought people left them for the use of others. (So you picked them up? It appears you're not supposed to leave them there.) Yes.

A tourist said it was assumed that the raincoats had been left by previous tourists instead of discarded for the use of those who didn't bring raincoats. However, the Taroko National Park Headquarters said the National Park Law prohibits this type of behavior and tourists are asked to take all their belongings with them and not leave anything behind. It will ask volunteers to go to the scenic spot and spread the word. The National Parks Police Corps will also step up patrols. Anyone who is caught littering will be fined NT$1,500 in accordance with the National Park Law. Tourists are asked to not arbitrarily discard raincoats.

遊客表示:「我們剛剛是從這邊拿的耶,我以為是大家要留給別人用。(所以你是在上面拿的喔?其實那個好像,不能放在那裏耶。) 是喔!」