11 Taiwan Universities Rank Among Top 500 List|最新世界大學排名 台灣11所進500大

Jake Chen
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QS, an English higher education marketing company, published their 2020 ranking for top universities. A total of 11 Taiwanese universities rank among the top 500 universities in the world. The National Taiwan University is the only one listed among the top 100. It comes in at No. 69, which is three places up from its ranking last year. 

In the 2020 QS World University Ranking the U.S.-based MIT, Stanford University, Harvard University occupy the top three spots. UK-based Cambridge University comes in at no. 4. The National Taiwan University (NTU) is the only institution from Taiwan that ranks among the top 100, it comes in at No. 69.

The research sector of Taiwan's high education system faces a number of challenges. They include the (lack of) willingness for graduate students to continue their studies in doctoral programs. The funding and resources for research projects are also lacking. We are seeing these changes reflected in the university ranking.

The NTU came in at no. 72 in last year's ranking. This year, the university has moved up three places because it has either kept steady or shown progress in five of the six major criteria, while it has seen a slight drop in the number of publication referenced. There are a total of 10 Taiwanese universities that stand among the top 500: The National Tsing Hua University comes in at no. 173, the National Cheng Kung University comes in at 225th and the National Chiao Tung University is no. 227. On the other hand, six universities from China made it to the top 100 . The Ministry of Education says that ranking does not reflect the quality of universities, and meanwhile it's drawing up policies to boost Taiwan's competitiveness in the field of education.
We hope that local universities would pick one of the benchmark institutions (on the list) and spend five years to catch up and even surpass that benchmark.
The NTU said that it won't take the ranking too seriously but will make adjustments accordingly. The Ministry of Education said that the funding for Higher Education Sprout Project will be increased by NT$1.3 billion, and that it will also invest NT$750 million in the Yushan project in hopes to strengthen the recruitment and retention of exceptional academic and research talent.

台大研發長 李百祺表示:「台灣在整個高教研究的環境上面,也面臨到一些挑戰,包括學生就讀博士班的意願啦,還有教學研究的資源是不是夠多,所以我們有看到這個指標上面的變化。」
教育部高教司長 朱俊彰表示:「(高教深耕)希望我們的學校,他去挑一所他們要做為標竿的知名大學,然後用五年的時間,來趕上或是來追上我們這個,他們世界的標竿學校。」