Abbess Wins Auction for Confiscated Changhua Temple|拒繳代拆費 升五星旗碧雲禪寺遭法拍

After acquiring the rights to Biyun Chan Temple in Changhua County's Ershui Township, developer Wei Ming-jen converted it into a "communist and socialist base" in Taiwan. The temple became a center of controversy when Wei flew the PRC flag there. Last year, the Changhua County Government decided the shrine was illegal and ordered the demolition of the complex. Wei and others never paid the demolition fee and the Changhua Branch of the Administrative Enforcement Agency auctioned the property off. The original abbess of the temple, Shih Huai-tsung, won with a bid of NT$16.12 million.

Nuns who were evicted from Biyun Chan Temple years ago now have the chance to return home.

We are trying to borrow the NT$16 million from devotees. We are in the process of borrowing money.

The temple, located in Changhua County's Ershui Township, was turned into the "Patriotic Education Base of Socialist National Thought in Taiwan Province of the People's Republic of China" after being acquired by developer Wei Ming-jen several years ago. Wei displayed various Communist paraphernalia, including "Reunification of the Motherland" posters, a Mao Zedong portrait, and the PRC flag on the property. On Sept. 26, 2018, the Changhua County Government decided the shrine was illegal and ordered its demolition. As Wei and the ownership group refused to pay the NT$4.9 million demolition fee, the Changhua Branch of the Administrative Enforcement Agency sealed the property and auctioned it off on the 16th.

The starting bid was based on the appraisal value. This is why the winning bid was actually very close to real market value.

There was only one bid. Temple abbess Shih Huai-tsung won the auction with a bid of NT$16.12 million and paid a deposit of NT$3.2 million. She will have to come up with the rest of the sum in the next seven days. Wei says he refused to pay the demolition fee because he doesn't recognize the Taiwanese regime.

This regime is illegal and I don't recognize it. I refuse to accept its rule. The lowball price they set was a joke and they confiscated the property illegally.

The agency will deduct accumulated expenses from the sale proceeds of the 7,200 square-meter property and transfer the remaining sum to Wei and the ownership group. The new owners of the temple say they will take the reconstruction process one day at a time.


碧雲禪寺住持 釋懷宗表示:「我們現在就是這一千六百多,六百多萬,我們有出去跟信徒借,我們現在就是出去借錢。」


行政執行署彰化分署主任執行官 胡天賜表示:「是依照鑑價師的所鑑價的結果來進行,所以說由第一拍得標,其實是非常接近市價。」


建商 魏明仁表示:「這個政權是不合法的,而且不是我承認它的,我拒絕接受它的那個統治,依照那麼市場行情來,它是極度偏低的,非法沒收。」