Both KMT and DPP Having Primary Nomination Issues|總統初選大咖互不相讓 藍綠傷透腦筋

Waters are still murky as to who will represent their parties to run for president. President Tsai Ing-wen and former Premier William Lai finally met on Apr. 8. ahead of the Apr 12. dead line for the Democratic Progressive Party's presidential primary coordination. After the meeting, Tsai wrote on her official Line page that she remains committed to her " incumbent gets priority" stance. Meanwhile, it also a stalemate for the Kuomintang, which has postponed its nomination timetable, though some believe, this is to give room for the recruitment of Han Kuo-yu.

With the Democratic Progressive Party's presidential primary coordination deadline approaching on the 12th, President Tsai Ing-wen and former Premier William Lai finally met at party headquarters on the 8th. Afterwards, Tsai posted on her Line account that the DPP promised nominations to incumbent mayors and magistrates following the nine-in-one local elections in 2014 "so they can focus on administrative performance." Tsai said she remains committed to her stance that incumbents get priority.

The party does more than just oversee the primary and mediate. It needs to stand up high on the podium of the ruling party and flex its leadership muscles. It can only have one consideration: winning the election to keep the nation stable and in development.

Lai, meanwhile, said before and after the meeting that he will respect the decision of the party chair.

I also trust that Chair Chuo Jung-tai and Democratic Progressive Party officials will be able to the safeguard the democratic system and spirit of our DPP.

Were Tsai and Lai able to reach an agreement?

In a Facebook post, DPP Chair Chuo Jung-tai said both expressed their views and the public should refrain from speculating.

The Kuomintang is facing similar issues. KMT Chair Wu Den-yih's meetings with both Eric Chu and Wang Jin-pyng broke down, and the party has postponed its next Central Standing Committee meeting. Primary-related timetables and details were scheduled to be announced at the meeting. Does this mean the party is trying to give itself more time to recruit Han Kuo-yu as its candidate?

These three party heavyweights can keep talking during this time. Everyone's phone lines are open.

Han headed to the U.S. on an official visit on the 9th; his delegation and media entourage will follow later. Like the KMT, the DPP is reportedly now planning to postpone its primary schedule.


總統 蔡英文表示:「黨的角色不是只辦選務,不是只做裁判,它必須站在執政黨的高度,發揮領導的功能,以勝選為唯一考量,來讓國家穩定, 能夠發展。」


前行政院長 賴清德表示:「我也信任卓榮泰,卓主席,還有民進黨的黨公職,一定可以維護我們民進黨民主制度,這樣的精神。」


高雄市長 韓國瑜表示:「他們三位黨內的先進,黨內的大老,他們也可以在這個時段、這個時間,他們可以先討論,大家電話都暢通的嘛!」


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