Personnel Shuffle at State-Run Financial Institutions|公股行庫人事異動 土銀等4董事長換人

Personnel changes are afoot at several state-run financial institutions. The chairpersons of the Land Bank of Taiwan, Chang Hwa Bank, First Financial Holding, and Hua Nan Financial Holding have all been replaced. Former Taiwan Cooperative Holdings Chairperson Jason Liao, who resigned over the Ching Fu Shipbuilding scandal, will be the new chairperson of First Financial Holding. The personnel changes will take place on Apr. 8.

On Apr. 3, the Ministry of Finance announced personnel changes at several state-run financial institutions. Taiwan Cooperative Bank President Hwang Bor-chang is set to become chairperson of the Land Bank of Taiwan. Jason Liao will take the helm of First Financial Holding, and Derek Chang will assume the chairmanship of Hua Nan Financial Holding. Land Bank of Taiwan Chairperson Joanne Ling has been moved to the same position at Chang Hwa Bank.

These personnel are all from the financial sector, and have all worked in the financial sector for a long time, not a short time, so they all have expertise. This means there shouldn't be any issues with the so-called outsider leaders.

In this personnel shuffle, Hua Nan Financial Holding Chairperson Wu Tang-chieh and Chang Hwa Bank Chairperson Chang Ming-daw were replaced. Both were holdovers from the Lin Chuan period. The personnel shuffle also incited criticism. In 2017, Liao was forced to resign to take responsibility for the Ching Fu Shipbuilding scandal. Less than one and a half years later, he was called back into the fold to run First Financial Holding.

At that time, a task force formed by senior Executive Yuan officials determined he (Jason Liao) had committed mistakes. This is why he was forced to resign. Now, one year later, he has been promoted to run First Financial Holding as the chairperson. This is simply ridiculous. The Executive Yuan is slapping itself in the face.

If we look at it from a legal perspective, he (Jason Liao) wasn't prosecuted by any district prosecutor's office and no court ruled that he was guilty. That's why I think this appointment is acceptable.

Personnel changes at lower levels were also announced. Three deputy general managers at Taiwan Financial Holdings Group and Bank of Taiwan, Hsieh Chuan-chuan, Tsai Li-hsueh, and Huang Jui-mu, were promoted to the general manager position at Land Bank of Taiwan, First Bank, and Chang Hwa Bank, respectively. The opening left by Hwang's move to the Land Bank of Taiwan from Taiwan Cooperative Bank will be filled by Taiwan Cooperative Bank Vice President Chen Shih-ching, who has been promoted. The Ministry of Finance says apart from Derek Chang, whose appointment needs to be discussed with the Kaohsiung City Government as he is currently the chairperson of the Bank of Kaohsiung, the remaining personnel will report to their new positions on Apr. 8.


財政部政務次長 阮清華表示:「這相關的人員都是都在金融界,而且都是長期在金融界,不是說短期的,所以他們的專業應該是沒有所謂外行領導內行的問題。」


國民黨立委 曾銘宗表示:「當時是經過行政院的高層,組成專案小組確認他有缺失,所以才把他(廖燦昌)調下來,結果事隔一年又把他高升到第一金控,高升到第一金控當董事長、總經理真的超扯的,行政院是自己打自己的臉。」

財政部政務次長 阮清華表示:「當純從法律上來講,地檢署也沒有給他(廖燦昌)起訴嘛!法院的判決也沒認定他有罪,所以我想這部份應該是還好啦!」