Civilians Get Opportunity to Visit Taichung Army Base|陸軍龍翔營區週六開放 展示國軍戰力

Taichung's Hsinshe Army Aviation Base is set to open for visits from civilians on Mar. 30. There will also be performances and displays of all types of military equipment. Let's take a peek at the dress rehearsal.

There are various types of helicopters taking part in the performance, including the AH-64 Apache, the AH-1 Cobra, and the UH-60 Black Hawk. They are followed by F-16 fighter jets and Indigenous Defense Fighters. The Army's 602 Air Cavalry Brigade, which is based at Taichung's Hsinshe Army Aviation Base, was conducting a rehearsal ahead of an open house event on Mar. 30. The aerial maneuvers of the aircraft caused spectators to call out again and again.

Apache helicopters went into 720-degree spins, and a host of other maneuvers that showed off their superior performance and the exceptional skills of their pilots.

Meanwhile, the Army's Dragon Team, a parachute demonstration team, jumped out of aircraft. Although the wind was strong, all of the members hit their targets.

This wonderful display caused some students to think about enlisting in the military.

They really are great. They inspired me to make the decision to join them. My mind is set.

Visitors will also be able to view displays of military equipment such as helicopters and armored cars. Those who toured the base said their confidence in the military has increased.

I feel the military is really strong, and our military capability is really powerful.

You can see from these displays and performances that our weaponry and equipment are increasingly new and original.

The 10th Army Corps says the open house event is not only expected to bring the military closer to the public, but also allow the public to view the results of the military's training and the nation's military capabilities.





豐原高中 高同學表示:「他們真的很帥很棒,害我真的已經,讓我已經下定決心,要加入他們了。」


參觀民眾 楊先生表示:「感覺到國軍非常有戰力,戰力是我看很強大。」

參觀民眾 王先生表示:「這展演可以看出來,我們武器裝備,日益的這個新穎啊!」