Government's policy of reducing burning incense and joss paper at temples was described online as a ban, which prompted irate templegoers to march in Taipei today. The march will now be a carnival instead, and the Executive Yuan thinks its due to effective communications between the two sides. However, Wude Temple Chairman Lin an le said that the purpose of the event was never to protest, but rather a peaceful religious festival. Putting bullhorns and placards in place, representatives of Wude Temple are preparing tools of all sorts for the march on July 23. According to the Wude Temple chairman Lin An-le, however, the march is not aimed at protesting from the very beginning, but rather at expressing its opinions rationally. ==LIN AN-LE Chair, Wude Temple, Yunlin County Beigang Township== Through this religious carnival, the general public living in urban areas will see themselves the wonderful temple cultures, which have disappeared in daily life for so long. On his Facebook post, Lin posted his statement, saying that every temple is entitled to whether one incense burner and one incense stick should be further reduced and that religious beliefs should be respected. Premier Lin Chuan expressed his opinion on the issue for the first time when visiting Hengchun on the morning of July 22. ==LIN CHUAN Premier== The government should let all kinds of religions enjoy the freedom of faith and display their features. Lin Chaun said the government should let each religious group enjoy the freedom of development. Big temples like Jenn Lann Temple in Taichung's Dajia District and so on have held different opinions as to the march and have decided not to participate. ==TSAI YUNG-TE Chair, Chaotian Temple, Yulin County's Beikang Township== I'm absolutely against filing a petition. Gods can go outdoors if they are to participate in an activity. However, it depends on what kind of festival or activity. The Cabinet thought the successful negotiation, involving the comprehensive effort by the DPP to rebut the rumor, has turned the protest against a ban on incense into a religious carnival. However, what the religious circles want is that the government has to negotiate with representatives from religions before it introduces any regulations. TRANSLATED BY:BRYANT CHANG 雲林北港武德宮,明天將串聯各大宮廟,舉行「眾神上凱道」活動。前天開始,蔡政府總動員滅火,行政院昨晚認為溝通奏效,遊行變成嘉年華,但發起的武德宮主委說,這場遊行,一直以來都是定調在溫馨的廟會,活動的態度從沒轉折過。 把大聲公、舉牌,放整齊,雲林北港、武德宮的廟方人員,正在準備週日北上、眾神上凱道的用具!但這場反滅香、封爐的上街行動,到底是不是抗議,武德宮主委說,從最開始,就定調在溫馨廟會,理性表達訴求。 ==雲林北港武德宮主委 林安樂 (2017.07.20)== 透過一個這個 宗教嘉年華的形式 讓這個都會區的民眾 其實可以看到說 在他們生活中消失已久的 這些美好的廟會的文化 林安樂在臉書還原,一爐一香已是底限,各宮廟自決是否再減少,以及民間信仰獲得尊重等聲明。而行政院長林全上午在恆春視察時,首度對各宮廟上街表示意見。 ==行政院長 林全== 我們政府 本來就應該 要讓所有的宗教 都有充分的 自由的發展 以及發揮他們的 這個 有關的一些宗教的特色 林全說,該讓各宗教自由發展,而其實各宮廟也對這場遊行,有著不同決定,像是大甲鎮瀾宮、北港朝天宮、紫南宮等大型宮廟,都表態不參加。 ==雲林北港朝天宮董事長 蔡咏鍀== 遞陳情書 我是絕對不同意的 因為 你如果說去參加活動 神明當然可以出門 但是我們要看是什麼樣的慶典 或是什麼樣的活動 民進黨從中央到地方,從官員到民代全面滅火,行政院也認為溝通奏效,才讓反滅香陳抗變成宗教嘉年華,宗教界希望的是,政府要進行規範前,得和民間信仰代表多溝通。 記者 台北雲林綜合報導