A woman was randomly assaulted yesterday morning in the tunnel connecting Taipei Train Station and the airport MRT station. A 37-year old man surnamed Wu punched the woman in the face, who then fell to the ground bleeding. The man was arrested immediately afterwards by police responding to the incident. At around 10 am yesterday, this 37 year old man attacked a woman in the tunnel leading to the Airport MRT line at Taipei Train Station. After the incident was reported police immediately arrested the man. ==LIN SHENG-WEI Capt., Taipei City Zhongxiao W. Rd. precinct== The victim and her daughter were walking and talking and they glanced around and this drunk man attacked them. He punched the mother. This precinct usually keeps tabs on him as a matter of course. The victim identified the attacker but the man surnamed Wu said he did not mean to attack. After questioning the police charged him with assault and arrested him. At Taipei Station, there were not many people in the tunnel where the attack took place and the area is well-lit. Most people were unperturbed by the incident and felt it would not happen again. ==PASSERBY== Security is good, its just a minor incident. ==PASSERBY== Are you worried? Not much, there's nothing too bad. ==PASSERBY== There are quite a lot of vagrants at Taipei Train Station, Im not worried as they don't bother people. Some feel that it was just a minor incident and feel Taipei's security is good. Police said they usually patrol once every three hours. The incident was reported by a member of the public and they asked for help from transport police to catch the man. After the incident, they will assess if there is a need to raise the frequency of police patrols. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 台北車站通往機場捷運A1站的連通道,今天上午10點多,發生一起隨機傷人案。一名37歲的吳姓男子,疑似酒後失控,朝路過通道的陳姓婦人揮拳,造成婦人鼻梁流血、當場倒地不起。警方獲報後,在台北車站逮捕這名男子,訊後依傷害罪移送。 頭戴安全帽,身穿白色衣服的37歲吳姓男子,今天上午10點多,疑似酒後失控,在台北車站通往機場捷運A1站的連通道,朝一名陳姓婦人揮拳,害得婦人倒地、鼻梁受傷。警方獲報後,循線逮捕當時是打赤膊的這名男子。 ==台北市忠孝西路派出所 所長 林聖崴== (被害人)她只是跟她的女兒 在並行講話的時候 那不經意的一個轉頭的動作 那就遭到這個醉漢來攻擊 以徒手來攻擊 他(吳姓男子)是本派出所的 一個治安人口 那平日就有針對他的一個素行 來做一個列管 被害人指證歷歷,而吳姓男子則供稱,自己無意打人,警方在訊後將他依傷害罪移送法辦。而再回到台北車站,和機場捷運中間的連通道,現場人潮不多,但整體空間明亮,而民眾對於上午的攻擊事件、是否會重演,多數人表示不太擔心。 ==民眾== 治安那麼好 那是不小心遇到的吧 ==民眾== (是否擔心) 還OK啦 沒有遇過什麼不好的事 ==民眾== 台北車站比較常看到(街友) 是不會擔心 因為 他們通常都不會干擾別人 有民眾認為,這只是個案,還是對台北治安很有信心。警方表示,平常這裡3小時有一班巡邏,這次事件就是民眾通報保全、再協同鐵路警察一起抓到人的。而在事件發生之後,未來也會依狀況評估提高見警率、加強巡邏密度。 記者 台北 綜合報導

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