The Ministry of the Interior's National Conscription Agency was caught in a dispute over substitute work for military service, as working in the Hailung dumpling chain restaurant had apparently been mentioned by the MOI Deputy Minister Hua Ching-chun. Hua said that this year was the first year of the pilot scheme and no-one had in fact chosen to serve in the dumpling shop as part of integrated military service. Ruling party legislators urged that substitutes for military service should only be undertaken in the military itself or in other public services. The Ministry of the Interior's National Conscription Agency's scheme to allow draftees to serve by working in a dumpling chain restaurant or in convenience stores was widely mocked by the public. Even ruling party legislators could not take it seriously and held a media conference to criticise the idea. ==CHUANG JUI-HSIUNG DPP Legislator== If someone asks you, where did you do your military service and you say, in the Hailung, people would think, oh, it must be the marines or something, but no, it was actually in the Hailung dumpling shop. Like before, if you said you did military service in the black cats, it was actually flying a helicopter, not the door to door delivery service. ==LUO CHIH-CHEN DPP Legislator== The National Conscription Agency said we hope they can get professional training in the military, so that middle management graduates can stay in companies and work there. How is middle management the responsibility of the NCA? That is not the responsibility of the MOI and certainly not of the NCA, they have completely mistaken what their actual responsibilities are. Legislators feel that the NCA should focus on the fact that no-one wants to enter the military or do substitute military service. They hope that the MOI re-consider that substitute military service should only take place in the military or in public bodies. Facing so much criticism, MOI Deputy Minister Hua said this was just the first year of the pilot scheme and they would hold in-depth discussions. ==HUA CHING-CHUN MOI Deputy Minister== Working in the dumpling restaurant would be the final result of integration of types of substitute military service, actually, there are no military conscripts working in the Hailung dumpling shop. People need to understand this. We need to grasp more detailed, specific, internal policy before we discuss this, and of course make adjustments. We will definitely act as one with the MOI. Hua did not say when these discussions with the MOI may take place. He said that both commerce and society wanted substitute military service in industry and it came out of research into the issue. It was a good government policy that was related to youth employment, so there should not be too many problems. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 內政部役政署規劃產業替代役,引發鍋貼替代役爭議,內政部次長花敬群今天表示,今年是第一年試辦,媒合結果,沒有替代役,選擇四海遊龍,執政黨立委,今天則出面呼籲,替代役應回歸,國防及公共服務。 內政部讓替代役男到鍋貼店煎鍋貼,或者是到超商當店員,被外界諷為鍋貼役,連執政黨的自家立委也看不下去,開記者會大力抨擊。 ==民進黨立委 莊瑞雄== 只要退伍說你是哪裡的 我說我海龍的 大家一定想說是海軍陸戰隊的 現在的海龍變成四海遊龍 然後你是哪裡的 是黑貓的 以前黑貓是開直升機的 那個也很帥 看起來是一個戰鬥部隊 可是變成一個宅配 ==民進黨立委 羅致政== 役政署還講說我們希望 這些役男能夠培養他們專長 中階主管未來畢業之後 能夠在公司留任 乃至於成為社會的 這些企業的中階主管 那個是職訓局的責任 那個不是內政部 更不是役政署的責任 他完全搞錯他的職掌所在 立委們認為,役政署的重點應放在未來重要的替代役沒有人想參加的問題,希望內政部重新思考,把替代役回歸國防與公共服務,而面對爭議,內政部次長花敬群表示,今年是第一次試辦,會深入研討。 ==內政部次長 花敬群== 鍋貼替代役 實質上最後的媒合結果 其實並沒有任何一位替代役 去四海遊龍嘛 我想這部分大家應該也了解 所以說 我們大概也是要做 更細緻 更具體的內涵的掌握後 我們再做一些討論 當然必要的修改或檢討 我們一定會有內部的一個作為 內政部是否會檢討產業替代役的政策,花敬群仍語帶保留,強調產業替代役是社會各界的期待,因為是從研發替代役概念延伸而來,本來就是與青年就業相關的政府善意,因此本質上不會有太大問題。 記者 台北綜合報導