The Taipei District Court yesterday acquitted former president Ma Ying-jeou of leaking classified information. The court found that there were two reports, and the one Ma read was the second one. When he read it, the first report had already gone public, hence declassifying the second report. DPP caucus whip Ker Chien-ming, who filed the charges, said he would appeal the ruling. Three years ago, then-president Ma Ying-jeou and then-legislative speaker Wang Jin-pyng were locked in a power struggle known as the "September Strife". DPP caucus whip Ker Chien-ming then filed a lawsuit against former President Ma Ying-jeou for soliciting leak of classified information and defamation because Ma also accused him for conducting improper political lobbying. The case was closed on the 28th and the court finds that the contents Ker offered and the testimony the witness provided couldn't confirm that Ma asked then-prosecutor-general Huan Shih-ming to leak classified information from a judicial investigation in a call that lasted 88 seconds on the morning of Sep 1st, 2013. Also, the court ruled that "confidential information disclosed on Aug. 31 was no longer confidential information" and that therefore, Ma could not be guilty of abetting the disclosure of confidential information. ==LIAO CHIEN YU, Taipei District Court spokesperson == Whether the two phone calls indicated Mr. Ma solicited Mr. Huang? At noon the next day, we should add the two phone calls. The court didn't think Ma is guilty based on the evidence. As Ma Ying-jeou's office thanked the court for making an appropriate ruling that conforms with the law, Ker Chien-ming held a press conference, criticizing the court for protecting Ma and vowed to appeal the result. ==HSU CHIAO HSIN, Ma Ying-jeou's spokesperson== We thank the Taipei District Court's presiding judges for clarifying the fact and making fair verdict. ==KER CHIEN MING, DPP caucus whip== The judges helped Ma get away with the crime with trivia, but they ignored what the Constitution is meant for and Ma already broke the laws. Due to the lack of substantial proof that Ma had abetted Huang in divulging classified information, the court found that Ma was not guilty of violating the Communication Security and Surveillance Act and the Control Act. Regarding Ma's accusations that Ker conducted improper political lobbying, the court finds that Ma's comments belong within the scope of public interest and that Ma gave his comments with good intentions and therefore is not in breach of libel laws. TRANSLATED BY:BRYANT CHANG 前總統馬英九遭民進黨立委柯建銘,自訴涉嫌洩密等罪,北院今判馬英九全部無罪,合議庭認為,前檢察總長黃世銘第一次進官邸提供的專案報告一,隔天修改成專案報告二,呈給馬英九,因為報告一已經公布過,馬英九閱讀的報告二,就不算是機密,因此認為他沒有教唆洩密罪。由於全案仍可上訴,柯建銘強調,將上訴到底。 3年多前國民黨爆發馬王「九月政爭」,涉入其中的民進黨立院總召柯建銘,自訴前總統馬英九,涉嫌教唆洩密,還舉行記者會、說他關說,涉嫌加重誹謗。台北地院三度開庭,釐清爭執點,今天審結全案、判決無罪。合議庭認為,柯建銘自訴內容,以及證人證詞,都無法確認2013年9月1號凌晨的那通關鍵88秒電話中,馬英九曾交代黃世銘提供任何機密資料,不構成教唆洩密;而且,黃世銘在同年8月31號第一次進官邸提供的專案報告一,和隔天修改成專案報告二,呈給馬英九,因為報告一已經公布過,馬英九閱讀的報告二,就不算是機密。 ==台北地院發言人 廖建瑜== 那兩通電話 到底馬英九先生 有沒有教唆黃世銘先生 在隔天 應該講說 那一天的中午的時候 要特別加入這兩通電話 那本院合議庭法官是認為 從證據上 看不出來 對於一審判決無罪,馬英九辦公室強調,感謝法官做出適當的判決;柯建銘則是不服氣,也舉行記者會,痛批法院替馬英九解套,強調一定會上訴到底。 ==馬英九辦公室發言人 徐巧芯== 我們感謝台北地院 承審本案的法官 釐清事實 做出適法適當的判決 ==民進黨立院總召 柯建銘==== 司法官在枝微末節上 替他 著馬英九解套 但是卻忽略了 憲政的意義 忽略了馬英九 違法 違法亂政 馬英九教唆洩密部分,依「已洩密的機密,非機密」的無罪推定原則,判決無罪,至於加重誹謗部分,合議庭認為,馬英九在國民黨考紀會的談話,是先前特偵組發布的新聞內容,馬英九基於善意,對可受公評之事適當評論,不構成犯罪。 記者 綜合報導