Second hearing in wire-tap case clarifies previous facts / 洩密案再開庭 馬出庭.黃世銘被傳作證          

Previously, DPP legislator Ker Chien-ming filed a lawsuit against former president Ma Ying-jeou over alleged leaks of confidential information. Yesterday, the Taipei District Prosecutors' Office summoned Ma as well as former prosecutor-general Huang Shih-ming for questioning in the case's second hearing. After three and a half hours, the court ordered further questioning on Feb. 21. It may close the case the same day. More than 3 years ago, DPP caucus whip Ker Chien-ming was embroiled in a power struggle known as the "September Strife" and filed a lawsuit against former president Ma Ying-jeou over soliciting confidential information. Yesterday, the second hearing took place and both former prosecutor-general Huang Shih-ming and Ma's then-secretary Lin Yu-chen were summoned for questioning. Ma appeared in court wearing protective gear because of a leg wound. Before the court began, Ker questioned how Ma have gotten away, given that Huang had been convicted. ==KER CHIEN-MING DPP caucus whip== He should admit his mistakes at once to retain his dignity. Otherwise, not only will he be subject to a jail sentence, but he will be condemned for his mistake by history. During the hearing, Ker's lawyer and the presiding judge focused on the details of the case. Huang, however, was evasive in his rambling of an answer to questions from Ker's lawyer, and the judge stopped him accordingly. As to Huang's phone conversation with Ma on the night of the September Strife, Huang initially said that it would take a long time to explain, but soon elaborated on the details at the request of the judge. After Huang, Ma's then-secretary Lin Yu-chen was summoned for questioning. The hearing ended in the evening and Ma said that today's hearing was more about fact clarification, and hasn't touched on more substantial matters of the case. ==MA YING-JEOU former president== Today, there was no discussion of factual questions. The hearing mainly focused on summoning two witnesses to clarify what happened on the early morning of Sept. 1. As Huang has served his sentence for charges made against him, his testimony will play a critical role. The hearing today took three and a half hours due to detailed questioning. The court ordered a debate to be held at 2 pm on Feb. 21 and didn't rule out the possibility of closing the case on the same day. TRANSLATED BY:BRYANT CHANG 3年多前爆發「九月政爭」,涉入其中的民進黨立院總召柯建銘,自訴馬英九涉嫌教唆洩密。合議庭今天第二度開庭,傳喚前檢察總長黃世銘,及馬英九當時的隨行秘書林有振作證。由於腳傷,馬英九戴護具出庭。開庭前,柯建銘質疑,黃世銘已經判決有罪,馬英九怎能逃過法律制裁。 ==民進黨立院黨團總召 柯建銘== 趕快認錯 留下最後的尊嚴 否則他的刑責 不是只有刑責難逃以外 一定會接受歷史的鞭屍 法庭上,柯建銘的律師及審判長,都針對全案細節追問,不過,黃世銘回答律師提問時多次失焦,最後遭到審判長制止;對於當晚通話內容,也一度以「那要講很長」回應,可是在審判長要求下,只好詳細道來。合議庭隔離訊問完黃世銘後,隨後傳喚林有振訊問。傍晚庭訊結束,馬英九強調,今天沒有就實質問題討論,只是釐清部分案情。 ==前總統 馬英九== 所以今天(1/10)並沒有就 實質問題 去討論呀 主要是請兩個證人 了解在9月1號凌晨 到底是怎麼回事 由於黃世銘洩密罪部分,已經執行完畢,他的證詞對於法官審酌, 馬英九是否觸犯教唆洩密罪,將有關鍵性的影響,由於詰問內容細膩,今天整個庭訊過程長達3個半小時,合議庭也諭知2月21號下午2點,再進行辯論,不排除當天審結全案。 記者 陳佳鑫 張梓嘉 吳其昌 台北報導