As the end of the year approaches, many people are looking forward to their year-end bonus. Yesterday, at an interpellation session at the Legislative Yuan, much attention was focused on how much year-end bonus would the eight government-invested banks give out this year. It is estimated that employees of these banks will receive an average of 3.2 months in year-end bonuses. However, Mega Bank, which registered the highest profitability this year despite being fined NT$5.7 billion by U.S financial authorities, is expected to pay out a year-end bonus of 5 months at least. On Dec.14, the Minister of Finance Sheu Yu-jer was questioned about the eight government-invested banks' year-end bonus this year during an interpellation session at the Legislative Yuan. Sheu said that Mega Bank maintains the most profitable among the eight, even though it was fined NT$5.7 billion for violating New York state's anti-money laundering laws a few months ago. Mega Bank employees are expected to receive a year-end bonus of five months, less than that of last year's seven months. ==LU HSIU-YEN, KMT legislator vs. SHEU YU-JER, Minister of Finance== Expect for Mega Bank, did the eight banks perform as well as they did in the past? According to the information we have, the banks are doing quite well, compared with last year's performance. Sheu also said that Chang Hwa Bank employees will get a year-end bonus of 4.3 moths to 5 months. Meanwhile, employees of Taiwan Cooperative Bank, First Bank and Hua Nan Bank will get a 4.6-month year-end bonus. Bank of Taiwan and Land Bank of Taiwan employees are expected to get a 3.2-month year-end bonus. ==LIN CHUNG-HSIANG, Mega Bank Labor Union spokesperson== Besides the NT$5.7 billion fine, Mega Bank's profit suffered a slight decline because of various additional expenses. The union thinks that it is Mckinney Tsai and other top executives' deliberate lack of action that caused this. It has nothing to do with the banks' employees. Mega Bank Labor Union said that Mega Bank should not cut its employees' year-end bonus because they are not responsible for the bank's being fined. Mega Bank said that since its gross profit has not been calculated, the year-end bonus given to employees is still unclear. The final decision will be made before the end of this month. TRANSLATED BY:ARIEL HSIEH 年關將至,上午財政部長接受國民黨立委盧秀燕提問、今年八大公股行庫年終發放情形。財政部長表示,雖然兆豐銀今年吞下57億元鉅額罰款,導致獲利縮水,仍比其他行庫更多。而市場評估,兆豐銀今年的年終獎金雖然會比去年7個月少,但至少可領5個月。 ==國民黨立委 盧秀燕 vs. 財政部長 許虞哲== 今年除了兆豐受影響外 其他的大概都保持水準嗎 從我們公股金融事業的 座談會可以看出來 績效大概跟去年來講 有些都還不錯 兆豐銀行雖受罰款影響,但因為整體獲利高,估計年終獎金位居第一。而彰化銀行年終則在4.3-5個月之間。合作金庫、第一銀行和華南銀行,最多可拿到4.6個月。台銀和土銀則預估可拿3.2個月。 但各行庫明顯受景氣波動影響,年終比去年少。 ==兆豐商銀工會發言人 林中象== 除了57億的影響 還有我們增加很多費用 像國外增加法遵的設備 所以有些費用也會增加 整個盈餘會小幅度衰退 工會的立場是覺得 這個是蔡友才高層故意的不作為 跟我們好像沒什麼關係 兆豐商銀工會表示,紐約分行被美方裁罰57億罰金影響獲利,是上位者的決策,並不是員工的錯,不該減少行員的年終。而兆豐銀行則回應,因為獲利尚未結算,年終獎金會發多少,還要再討論,但估計會在年底前確定。 記者 王柏文 陳保羅 台北報導