Premier Lin Chuan had a breakfast meeting with the industry leaders yesterday. Some leaders worry that the current dispute over the "one fixed day off and one flexible work day" will worsen the current investment environment, while Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Chairman Morris Chang, warned the government not to forsake older sectors such as semiconductors and said that problems regarding power supply needed to be handled proactively. Many entrepreneurs showed up in the early morning, they wanted to get their views across to Premier Lin Chuan. The notable Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) Chairman Morris Chang criticized the government's inequitable distribution may cause setbacks to the semiconductor industry and development. ==MORRIS CHANG, TSMC Chairman== Innovation is the culprit in distribution problems. I think the 5+2 new industries are good, but don't forget the older industries like the semiconductor industry. The successes of the new industries can never compensate for losses in the older industries. If you don't treat older industries with the respect they deserve, they will gradually turn down. ==LIN CHUAN, ROC Premier== Many of our 5+2 industries are related to the semiconductor industry. Especially in the development of the Asian Silicon Valley Plan and smart technology, they all are all built on the extent strong competitive foundation of the semiconductor industry. The entrepreneurs support the government making an amendment to the Electricity Act and promoting green energy. However, they worry the policy of getting rid of coal-fired power plants and nuclear power plants. The entrepreneurs believe that electricity supply will face a major challenge. ==LIN POR-FONG, Chinese Nat'l Assn. of Industry Commerce Chairman== Coal-fired power plants must reduce their output by 35%, and nuclear power plants must reduce by 16%. How do you fill the 51% gap? We, the entrepreneurs are pessimistic and worried. The participating entrepreneurs oversee the global economy downturn, they urge the government to work harder. The recent labor disputes and electricity supply problems created impressions of a worsening investment environment. Premier Lin Chuan emphasized policy proposals are under review, he will facilitate passage of legislation for enterprises to follow. TRANSLATED BY:ANTHONY LIN 企業大老闆們各個是西裝筆挺,一大早現身工商早餐會,就是為了要向行政院長林全,表達企業界心聲,台積電董長張忠謀針對政府產業新政策,他不諱言直批,分配不公,認為政府如果忽略,撐起台灣經濟的半導體產業.未來半導體發展,命運多舛. ==台積電董事長 張忠謀== 創新其實是分配問題的罪魁禍首 我覺得都很好 這5+2新的產業 可是也不要忘了以前推動的產業 包括這個半導體產業在內 即使這種新的產業 通通都成功也補償不了 老的產業啊 因為是不注意所以就衰退了 ==行政院長 林全== 我們的5+2產業裡面 跟半導體業有很多都有關係 特別是我們的亞洲矽谷 和這個智慧機械 這個部份的發展 都是要建立在我們現有的 半導體業的一個 有強大競爭力基礎下 另外針對近期電業法修法,主推綠電,企業界表達支持,不過,對於政府極力促成"去煤廢核"政策,企業界感到憂心,認為未來穩定供電恐將面臨挑戰, ==工商協進會理事長 林伯豐== 煤的發電的35%要減排 那麼對於核電 要廢核電的16% 怎麼樣替補這51% 我們企業界是不樂觀 憂心的 企業界認為全球景氣差,政府更應該加把勁,由於近期勞資爭議,一例一休與未來供電問題,都讓企業擔心投資環境惡化,對此,行政院長林全強調,相關法案已在審議中,儘速讓法案過關,讓企業有法規可依循. 記者 黃立偉 張國樑 台北報導