Apple phone battery overheats, only works for few hours / 蘋果SE手機 傳電池過熱膨脹.螢幕隆起          

Since there has been multiple reports of the Samsung's Note 7's catching fire, many consumers now pay close attention to their mobile phone status. Recently, an iPhone SE user worried that his phone might also explode, because the battery of his phone was overheated which caused his screen to be bulged and distorted. The screen of a brand new iPhone SE bulged after it was used for less than a week. It is suspected that the iPhone SE battery was overheated just like Samsung's Galaxy Note 7. ==MR. WEI apple phone user== I had it for less than a week. When I was about to clean the phone's surface, I found that it bulged, which is strange. iPhone SE had the same problem as Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 did. On October 10, Mr. Wei, who lives in Taichung, spent NT$35,000 and bought 2 iPhone SEs online. After using one of the phones for less than a week, the screen bulged, which worried Mr. Wei, who is afraid of a phone explosion due to the recent news about Samsung Galaxy Note 7. ==Mr. Wei, apple phone user== I think the battery may be of poor quality. Its electricity storage capacity is very low, and can only provide 2 to 3 hours or even less than 1 hour use of the phone. Mobile phone providers said phone batteries have a limited useful life. If the battery suffers low electricity storage capacity or consumes electricity at an abnormally fast rate, it is time to change it. Mobile phone providers also said once a battery swells, it will not fume and combust spontaneously as long as it is not in contact with metal. TRANSLATED BY:ARIEL HSIEH 手機螢幕整個隆起,從中間的縫隙,還隱約看得到光線透出,台中的魏先生,從網路上購買2支蘋果機種SE,沒想到竟然也出現疑似電池過熱故障的問題。 ==魏先生== 拿不到7天 手機正要擦拭的時候 就看到膨脹 覺得很奇怪 Note7 這樣 SE也這樣 魏先生日前,花了3萬5千塊,在網路購買兩支手機,但沒想到其中一隻,剛剛買回家用沒多久,螢幕整個翹起來,手機突然變成這樣,再加上最近Note7,不斷傳出電池膨脹爆炸的事件,讓他不敢大意,就怕手機成了不定時炸彈。 ==維修業者 陳先生== 應該是電池品質不良 只是它沒辦法續電 沒有辦法撐很久 充飽了 只能撐2 3小時 或幾十分鐘 手機業者檢測,是電池的膨脹引起螢幕扭曲,業者說手機電池是消耗品,而且有一定使用壽命,電池一旦膨脹,沒有碰觸到金屬品,就不會冒煙自燃,不過如果發現,電池不能充電,或是電池消耗異常快速,就是電池壽命到了,建議消費者要回到原廠更換,確保安全。 記者 林健生 賴世杰 台中報導