The global sensation mobile game Pokémon Go is finally available in Taiwan. The English version of the game is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. Many players immediately took to the streets to catch their favorite Pokemon monsters. According to research, Pokémon Go is expected to generate over US$ 800 million in revenue next year. However, because the fierce competition of mobile games , experts believe, once players have collected all the monsters , Pokémon may lose its popularity among those players. ==TIM, Tech Expert== This is the ball we want. At the park, on the street, or even in the office. As the game that has become a global phenomenon, Pokémon Go, is now available in Taiwan, people are out and about in the glaring sun to catch these virtual monsters. ==PLAYER== This is the first time I can exercise while playing a game. ==PLAYER== It's really fun with virtual reality. You can see virtual images in real life. Pokémon Go features a combination of Global Positioning System. The map on the smart phone shows the player's exact location. Players can go on adventures and collect treasure along the way. ==TIM, Tech Expert== It's on the ground. Just press this. It's getting smaller. Got it. Pokémon Go was launched in July and was first made available in Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S., followed by Europe, Canada, Japan, and Hong Kong. After much anticipation by players and fans alike, Taiwan finally became the third country in Asia where Pokémon Go was released. The game has been downloaded over 100 million times worldwide and is expected to generate over US$800 million in revenue next year. Total revenue for the augmented reality industry is estimated to exceed US$30 billion by 2020. ==TIM, Tech Expert== I would give it a season. The mobile games market is very competitive. Once players have collected all the monsters and get tired of the game, Pokémon may lose its popularity. Some experts say that the Pokémon hype will not last more than a season. However, retailers and companies are still jumping on the band wagon to be featured in the game as sponsored locations. It remains to be seen how long the popularity of the game will last. TRANSLATED BY:CHRISTINA LIU 全球爆紅的,手機遊戲「精靈寶可夢」,終於在台灣正式上線。吸引許多玩家走上街頭,就為了要捕捉寶可夢。而根據國內的產業研究機構表示,寶可夢的明年營收,預估將突破8億美元。只不過,「手機遊戲」產業,競爭相當激烈,有專家認為還要再觀察,因為「耐玩度」很重要,如果寶可夢都收集好了,可能就會退燒。 ==3C達人 TIM哥== 這個就是我們要的球 公園旁、馬路上,甚至在室內辦公室,隨處都能抓神奇寶貝,風靡全球的「精靈寶可夢」,終於在台上線,遊戲下載第一天,吸引不少民眾,頂著大太陽,走出戶外去抓怪,人氣夯到爆. ==民眾== 一邊運動一邊玩 對啊 第一次 有這樣的玩法 ==民眾== 畢竟還是跟AR做合作的東西 在現實中看到一些虛擬的東西 還是很好玩 簡單操作介面,結合及時定位,手機上秀的地圖,就是你所在位置,也是冒險路徑,拿著手機走出戶外,沿路上每個地方,都有驚奇,因為地標,成了寶物蒐集站。 ==3C達人 TIM哥== 牠在地上 壓按以後它球 你有沒有看到一個 綠色一直縮小 有 中了 從今年7月初,澳洲、紐西蘭、美國首波上線後,接著歐洲、加拿大、日本等國,甚至連香港也開放了,台灣就是遲遲不開放,一度傳出是因為遊戲版權爭議,但最後、台灣玩家,終於等到上線,成為亞洲第三個開放市場的國家,根據國內產業研究機構調查,截至7月底,寶可夢全球下載安裝,已破1億次,明年營收,預估超過8億美元,2020年AR擴增實境,產值將超過300億美金 ==3C達人 TIM哥== (維持熱度)一季左右 以現在手遊市場 這麼蓬勃的情況下 有一些人如果已經抓滿(怪物)了 他就 搞不好就對這遊戲 就覺得興致缺缺了 雖然有專家認為,寶可夢熱度最多只能撐一季,但全球各地,有不少店家結合寶可夢,置入宣傳,創造更大周邊效益,至於熱度能持續多久,還是得看玩家對遊戲支持度。 記者 黃立偉 陳立峰 台北報導