Act hailed as historic start of transitional justice / 不當黨產條例過關 蔡:轉型正義初步落實          

On July 25, the Democratic Progressive Party passed the Act Governing the Handling of ill-gotten Properties by Political Parties and Their Affiliate Organizations. The Act was passed on the third reading due to superior numbers in the ruling party. President Tsai Ing-wen noted on Facebook that this is a start to transitional justice and a historic event. The KMT however, criticized the law as illegal and unconstitutional and said in the future it will bring an administrative remedy through a constitutional interpretation. ==CHAN CHI-SHEAN KMT Vice Chair== Although this isn't something we are pleased to see, it was expected, so its at an end. We will find a new style of thinking to face the public. According to a Ministry of Finance preliminary report in March, the KMT and related organizations acquisition or use of the property, amounts to 679 plots of land, worth about NT$80.5 billion. According to the new law, even if the property, has been registered to someone else, if it is deemed to be improperly acquired, it will be recovered. The KMT stressed that regardless of whether the bill had passed or not, it will deal with party assets, donate proceeds, and then the next step will be bringing an administrative remedy through a constitutional interpretation. Now that the bill has been passed, the Executive Yuan will strike while the iron is hot and accelerate the establishment of a commission under the Executive Yuan to deal with the issue. This may start on July 28 at the regular caucus lunch. ==TUNG CHEN-YUAN Spokesperson Executive Yuan== -Premier Lin has asked legislator Lin Mei-chu to assist in handling this and setting up a party assets handling commission, appointing members to the commission in accordance with the regulations of the Act. I don't yet have a specific timeframe for this. Who will serve as members of the commission, and how it will function are yet to be discussed. This handling of the KMT assets is the first step in transitional justice after the new administration has taken power. At the same time this has taken a burden off the KMT, and the DPP may have helped it to rise from the ashes. TRANSLATED BY:CLARE LEAR 不當黨產處理條例三讀通過,總統蔡英文隨即在臉書上表示,這是台灣轉型正義的初步落實,歷史會記住這一天。國民黨痛批違法違憲,政治操作大過於法律,雖不樂見,但既然做了了斷,將以全新面貌出發。 ==國民黨副主席 詹啟賢== 雖然這不是我們樂見的情況 但是也不意外 那好 既然如此大家做個了斷 我們會以新的面貌 新的思維 新的風格來面對 我們現在的社會大眾 根據財政部3月法案初審的報告國民黨與其附隨組織取得或使用的財產,合計土地有679筆,價值約805億元,而政府追討不當黨產訴訟,國產署追討,中影土地案,台南中華日報大樓土地案,一敗一勝,交通部則是四勝一敗,教育部追討劍潭青年活動中心、經國大樓建物持份,最後訴訟和解,建築持份為國有。 此外像好樂迪KTV,國民黨佔有4成股權,大型連鎖停車場嘟嘟房,背後經營的集團中興電工,也曾是國民黨黨營企業,在友邦帛琉興建的帛琉大飯店,因為經營不善而轉售,根據新法規定,即使政黨財產,已經改登記到其他人名下,被推定是不當取得,同樣會被追討。國民黨強調,不論法案有沒有過,都會處理黨產、捐贈出去,而下一步也將透過釋憲和提起行政救濟。 ==國民黨副主席 詹啟賢== 不管釋憲成功與否 我們都是全部都沒有啦(捐出去) 經過馬拉松式的標決,不當黨產處理條例終於三讀通過,行政院將打鐵趁熱,加速在行政院底下,設立不當黨產處理委員會,外傳 最快本週四與立院黨團便當會就會提出討論。 ==行政院發言人 童振源== 林院長已經請林美珠政委 儘快來協助來處理 這個不當黨產處理委員會的 委員名單跟組織法規等相關事宜 那具體時間我目前 沒有進一步的訊息 委員該由誰擔任該怎麼運作,還要再討論。新政府上來後,轉型正義的第一步,先處理國民黨黨產,國民黨卸下包袱的同時,民進黨也少了黨產這台提款機,或許也是國民黨浴火重生的開始。 記者 林欣儀 彭耀祖 台北報導