Will Chen Chien-jen Give Up Academia Sinica Paycheck? 陳建仁未棄中研院薪俸 朱立倫:看守內閣

Chen Chu is being heavily criticized for allegedly getting her former deputy the new culture minister post. She says she respects the government and did not overstep her bounds. KMT Chair Eric Chu wants to know whether Chen Chien-jen will be giving up his Academia Sinica paycheck.

KMT Chair Eric Chu recently criticized the Cabinet reshuffle as insignificant at best.

Eric Chu, KMT Chair: “There were no major or significant changes. What direction are they headed in? You can't tell. It probably all came down to factions and infighting. The DPP cares more about what it wants than what the people want. We shouldn't have any expectations of them.”

Chu also said Chen Chien-jen's Cabinet would be nothing more than a placeholder for the KMT if Chen doesn't give up his Academia Sinica paycheck. Among the "insignificant" changes made was Kaohsiung City Deputy Mayor Shih Che being appointed culture minister, allegedly after Control Yuan President Chen Chu intervened on his behalf. In response to criticism that she overstepped her bounds, Chen denied interfering. 

Chen Chu, Control Yuan President: “I have always respected the division between the constitutional government. We didn't push for any specific personnel changes in the Cabinet. We weren't involved at all. We would never do that.”

Chen Chi-mai, Kaohsiung City Mayor: “We hope everyone can assume their posts as quickly as possible to start solving problems plaguing the people and the challenges we are facing this year. We want to make the people's lives better and achieve sustained growth for Taiwan's economy.”

Shih served as director of various city departments and also deputy mayor under Chen when she was Kaohsiung mayor. Shih is currently deputy mayor under Chen Chi-mai, who says he hopes to see the new Cabinet in place as soon as possible.










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