Alliances Seeking to Stop Tobacco Tanks and Mods Ads 菸害防制法已修法 加熱菸及載具納管

Lawmakers previously approved the third reading of proposed amendments to the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act and applied tighter restrictions on heated tobacco products.

“The newly amended Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, Taiwan go go go!”Tobacco control alliances throughout Taiwan together held a press conference on Wednesday the 18th asking for heated tobacco products and their tanks and mods to be clearly proclaimed in the announcement upon implementing the newly amended Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act. The alliances fear a loophole during the period of the announcement in which the tanks and mods will be considered regular electronic devices and be advertised and sold freely to teenagers.

Yao Si-yuan, CEO, John Tung Foundation: “Nobody buys tanks and mods without buying tobacco cartridges. So promoting the carrier itself is promoting tobacco products.”

The alliances are also suggesting the government amend the Regulations Governing Reporting of Tobacco Product Information by adding the need to declare tobacco cartridges as well before they can be sold to the public. There are over 90 known cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco so far, but the ingredients and additives in t-vapor cartridges are not entirely clear. Tobacco alliances are asking distributors to declare the ingredients and be transparent about their toxicity.

Kuo Fei-jan, Secretary-General, Taiwan Medical Alliance for the Control of Tobacco: “Besides tobacco itself, the additive is also another factor. The additives are very often not clearly stated.”

The newly amended Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act demands places that sell cigarettes have warning signs showing smoking is bad for health and no smoking if pregnant and/or under 20. The alliances are asking the government to ensure these signs are in place at about 50,000 tobacco shops and distributors nationwide before the newly amended act takes effect. 








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