Vice President William Lai Elected as DPP Chair 當選黨魁 賴清德:團結全黨.贏回人民信任

Vice President William Lai got elected as DPP party chair on Sunday the 15th and pledged to unite the DPP and earn the public's trust again in the ruling party. 

Vice President William Lai won the DPP party's uncontested chairpersonship election on Sunday the 15th. Lai received 41,840 votes, which was 99.65 percent of the total cast on the day from a turnout of 17.59 percent. Lai will officially take up the post from acting chairperson Chen Chi-mai on Wednesday the 18th during the DPP central standing committee session.

Sidney Lin, DPP Acting Secretary-General: “Comrade Willaim Lai, candidate no. 1, has won the election. Election results will be announced during the central standing commission on Wednesday the 18th, and the handover and inauguration ceremony will be held during the afternoon.”

In a Facebook post, Lai said his goal is clear, to unite the party and win back people's trust in the ruling DPP. Lai has to take on some major challenges facing the party such as restoring unity among domestic factions and balancing power between the executive and legislative branches. Some DPP supporters have repeatedly called for Legislator Kao Chia-yu and Taipei City Councilor Wang Shih-cheng to be expelled from the party. How to foster greater unity in the party is seemingly a top priority for Lai.

DPP Party Member: “It's so serious. How can you not punish her (Kao Chia-yu)?”

Kao Chia-yu, Legislator (DPP): “Everybody knows that the 2024 presidential election will be a very hard fight for DPP. We need greater unity to win.”

Lin Chu-yin, Legislator (DPP): “There are factions within the party, but it doesn't mean that the DPP is getting pulled in different directions or behaving under a different set of rules. ”

Meanwhile, former acting Kaohsiung mayor Hsu Li-ming will likely take on the post as DPP secretary-general. DPP members from the Taiwan Normal Country Promotion Association faction and Taiwan Forward faction will step forward to take charge of party affairs while members of President Tsai Ing-wen's faction will step aside.










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