Heren-Chongde Section Open for Traffic 3 Time Periods a Day 蘇花防護仍需3天 每天開放3時段.夜間封閉

G. Chen
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Traffic reopened on Suhua Highway while continuing with slope protection work. The Heren to Chongde section is open for traffic three time periods a day from the 16th through the 18th, with traffic back to normal starting the 19th through the 31st, druing the Lunar New Year break.

Cars lined up for kilometers on the Suhua Highway before daybreak, waiting for traffic to reopen so they can cross the Chongde section. Drivers complained how the section is now only open for traffic three times a day.

Mr. Li, Northbound driver: “For safety reasons, I have no choice. (How long have you been waiting here?) Since 10 p.m. from last night.”

Mr. Wang, Northbound driver: “This section is only open for traffic three times a day, that's not enough obviously. It's ok if it's closed during the night, but it should be opened for as long as possible throughout the day.”

Traffic controllers opened the gate so that cars traveling in both directions can freely pass through. Cars were traveling at 40 kilometers per hour at first, but congestion soon began once cars reached the Jingwen Tunnel. Due to the small size of the tunnel, vehicles have to slow down while passing by each other, making it even more difficult for large vehicles.

Repair Worker: “(Hey brother, you need to keep looking up, right?) Yeah. (You have to pay attention to whether there are falling rocks, right? Keep away from the falling rocks, yeah?) Yes yes yes.”

With slope protection work to finish up the repair, the Daqingshui Tunnel will be only open for traffic three time periods a day from the 16th through the 18th, and closing after 7 p.m. till the next day, according to the Nanao Work Section.

Chen He-jen, Sec. Head, Nanao Work Section: “We will continue with concrete spraying work from the 16th through the 18th, that's why traffic is only open for three time periods a day, from 5 to 8 in the morning, then 11 to 1 p.m. in the afternoon, and 5 to 7 p.m. in the evening. The Heren-Chongde section will be closed after 7 p.m. for those three days. ”

The Directorate General of Highways hope for everyone's understanding since they need to finish slope protection work before the Lunar New Year break. All sections will be open for traffic normally starting the 19th through the 31st.