Egg Shortage Nightmare Could Be Repeated 攤商:過年期間可能缺蛋 已提前排單叫貨

Convenience store chain FamilyMart has announced that it is raising the price of tea eggs from NT$10 to NT$13 effective Dec. 28 to reflect the rising price of eggs. Meanwhile, food vendors said they have been warned that there might be an egg shortage over the Lunar New Year.

Tea eggs are one of the most popular convenience store foods. Convenience store chain FamilyMart recently issued a statement saying it is raising the price of tea eggs from NT$10 to NT$13 effective Dec. 28 to reflect the rising price of eggs, which has increased by over 40 percent during the past several years. However, people will still be able to purchase 10 eggs for NT$100 if they use the FamilyMart app.

Resident: “It's still inexpensive. It's NT$10, and a NT$3 increase isn't much.”

Resident: “It's too expensive. (You might as well buy your own raw eggs.) Yes, it's better to buy and cook them yourself.”

Other convenience store chains have not yet announced whether they will follow suit. Meanwhile, at traditional markets, people can still get a catty of eggs for a reasonable NT$50 or a box of organic eggs for "over NT$100." Proprietors said they haven't yet felt any obvious effects of inflation, but some food vendors said they were notified by suppliers that there could be another egg shortage during the Lunar New Year period.

Mr. Hsieh, Food Vendor: “My egg supplier told me I should place my order in advance for the Lunar New Year period or else I won't be able to get anything.”

Chen Chi-chung, Agriculture Minister: “Farmers will do their best to produce as long as they can maintain a certain profit level. Second of all, the government will do its best to stabilize the costs of bulk goods, especially fodder, as quickly as possible. ”

Poultry farmers say the egg supply will drop if the cold weather continues, and imports are hampered by the bird flu. In response, the Council of Agriculture said there's no need to worry about the egg supply ahead of the holiday and prices will be determined by market mechanisms.











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