Holger Chen Accuses Chen Ming-wen of Working for Triad 館長.黃國昌直播 指陳明文替黑道辦特見

Meanwhile, the ruling DPP has been criticized as "rotten to the core" by Youtuber and commentator Holger Chen and former NPP lawmaker Huang Kuo-chang, who said during a livestream that DPP lawmaker Chen Ming-wen has triad ties and President Tsai Ing-wen is therefore a lame duck at this point.

Holger Chen and former lawmaker Huang Kuo-chang accused DPP lawmaker Chen Ming-wen of working with gangsters during a livestream on the 1st. 

Huang Kuo-chang, Former Legislator: “Everyone he visited is from the Bamboo Union. They discussed family subsidies and hush money. And then, who was the person that (helped) him? It's you, Chen Ming-wen. ”

Holger Chen, YouTuber: “The Bamboo Union has power over DPP heavyweights. Our country is under the control of criminal triads. President Tsai Ing-wen is a puppet at this point.”

Huang also said after these events came to light, only a warden was reprimanded. The Control Yuan did not launch an investigation, and the official in question was still able to retire. Chen Ming-wen also escaped scot-free. Huang says the Tsai administration is rotten to the core and under the control of triads. Holger Chen, meanwhile, says Chen Ming-wen promised to push for revisions to organized crime laws and gun and ammunition laws, but has not lived up to his word.

Chen Ming-wen, Legislator (DPP): “We can all sit down and talk about what the DPP can do to come back from its massive defeat in the elections. You don't need to say stuff like that. It's not good to do that.”

On the 2nd, Chen Ming-wen refused to respond to the accusations, saying he'd already addressed them previously.









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