People Express Concerns About New Wave 今起戶外免戴口罩 連假.台商返台恐成破口?

The eased mask mandate took effect on Dec. 1. People are now allowed to go around maskless outside. However, some people are concerned that Taiwanese businesspersons in China may cause a new wave of infections after they return for the upcoming holidays. 

Many people were exercising or strolling around this park on the morning of Dec. 1. The majority of them were still wearing masks. Those who had removed their masks were enjoying the sensation.

Ms. Liu, Resident: “If there's no one around me, then it's easier to breathe like this.”

Mr. Ying, Resident: “I'm not completely used to it yet, but relaxation is a good thing.”

The epidemic situation has improved, and the CECC announced that starting on Dec. 1, people will no longer be required to wear masks while outdoors. However, some people are concerned that cases are rising in China and that Taiwanese businesspersons living in China will bring the virus with them and cause a new wave of infections when they come home for the New Year or Lunar New Year. Health and Welfare Minister Hsueh Jui-yuan said the medical treatment capacity will be maintained and centralized quarantine facilities will be prepared.

Huang Li-min, Honorary Chair, Infectious Diseases Society of Taiwan: “There is now more contact with the outside world, especially human contact. That makes it easier for new variants to enter. The timing of the next wave will depend on when they come in, the amount that comes in, and which variants come in.”

Hsueh Jui-yuan, Health and Welfare Minister: “We are preparing by maintaining our medical treatment capacity. If something like this happens, we hope to make adjustments to the medical treatment capacity.”

The minister said people can still keep their masks on for an extra layer of defense if they have concerns, as flu and respiratory diseases are still circulating. Masks are still required for those aboard or waiting on outside platforms for trains and the high speed rail. Meanwhile, some temples are still requiring masks for entry to worship.










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