Lishan Ready to Celebrate Christmas 梨山.谷關迎耶誕 參山處新活動閃亮登場

Tri-mountain National Scenic Area has organized a light show at Lishan and Guguan. They are "Taiwan's tallest Christmas trees above sea level."

Two cedar trees with a height of 28 meters and decorated with Christmas lights stand tall in front of Lishan Guest House. According to the Tri-mountain National Scenic Area, they are the tallest Christmas trees above sea level in Taiwan. Lishan Main Street has also been decorated with lights. Renovations to Lishan Jesus Church were recently completed, and it also joined in the festivities.

Resident: “I'm so, so excited. I would come here every year if they do this every year.”

Resident: “I think this is a very special place. They did a really great job with it, giving tourists a new attraction to enjoy.”

The epidemic situation is stabilizing, and Christmas is also approaching. This is the second time that Tri-mountain National Scenic Area has organized a light show at Lishan and Guguan. It invited 2022 Golden Horse Best Supporting Actress winner Kagaw Piling, a native of the local Huanshan Tribal Village, to light the trees on Dec. 1. The festivities will continue until Jan. 8.

Kagaw Piling, Actress: “I hope the Tri-mountain National Scenic Area can do this every year and make Lishan even more beautiful.”

Tsai Chung-hsiung, Director, Lishan Station, Tri-mountain NSA: “You can look at it from Huanshan. This really is a beautiful place, and it's not the only one. The entire area around here is really great.”

The Tri-mountain National Scenic Area said it has set up high-res cameras at three locations to offer real-time, 360-degree panoramic images around the clock. People can enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery at all times starting on Dec. 1.










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