Special Forces Parachute Training Moved to Dapeng Bay 陸航海上傘訓首移大鵬灣 全員任務成功

Eighteen Army Aviation Special Forces personnel completed their skydiving training after jumping from 1,250 feet using the T-10B parachute. The training aims to equip trainees with the ability to land on complex terrain and open seas.

The C-130 took off from Pingtung Airport at 6 a.m., carrying six trainees who performed the first parachute mission. At exactly 6:10 a.m., the trainees jumped out one after another from an altitude of 1,250 feet, using the T-10B parachute.

The Army Aviation Special Forces Command held its annual parachute training over complex terrain and open seas at Pingtung's Dapeng Bay this year. Twelve instructors completed the parachute jump on the 14th. Eighteen trainees who completed ground recurrent and water condition recognition training referred to the instructors' jump to perform the same parachute jump on the 16th. The interval between each group is about ten minutes, and the training was successfully completed around 6:30 a.m.

Tang Ming-te, Director of Political Warfare, Army Aviation Special Forces Command: “Parachute jump training is mainly used for infiltration operations and operations behind enemy lines, which also supports military operations. It is very good training.”

The parachute training was moved to Dapeng Bay for the first time. The surrounding waters of Fangshan Township's Chialutang have become more dangerous in recent years. The training jump was carried out in three groups due to the size of the water landing zone.

Military Fan: “First time seeing parachuting over special terrain. I thought it was pretty neat. And then I thought the Army is actually pretty well trained. ”

The Army Aviation Special Forces stated that trainees must have the ability to swim with their gear, train to emergency release the parachute over water, and learn how to self-rescue in a timely manner in order to qualify as a Special Forces soldier. All trainees succeeded in their jumps and swam to wait for pickup boats. All their parachutes and equipment were also in good condition.










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