Severe COVID Case Induced Encephalitis Related to BA.2.3.7 Variant 重症童併發腦炎 與BA.2.3.7變異株有關

Previously while the domestic epidemic spread, resulting in various COVID-19 induced encephalitis cases in children, Tri-Service General Hospital analyzed that those children all possess the new virus mutation sequence at K97E, renamed later as BA.2.3.7. This also signifies international discovery of the critical variant mutation strain associated with pediatric encephalitis.

The Omicron outbreak in May has led to various cases of children with severe symptoms, especially those developing acute encephalitis drew national attention. Tri-Service General Hospital treated multiple severe cases in children and after analysis, discovered that six child patients all possess the K97E virus mutation sequence, later named BA.2.3.7. Worthy of noting is that this is the first international discovery of the critical variant mutation strain associated with COVID-induced acute pediatric encephalitis.

Chang Jia-ning, Attending Physician, Pediatrics, Tri-Service General Hospital: “Only this triggered encephalitis in children during that period. All virus strains are the same strain: BA.2.3.7 and they all have the K97E mutation site.”

Tri-Service General Hospital pointed out that BA.2.3.7 variant makes it easier for the virus to interfere with the immune system, inducing an immune storm that may turn into acute encephalitis. DNA sequencing also discovered a high similarity in source as in infected Japanese children. However, does this mean that BA.2.3.7 is the cause of children's encephalitis? The research team notes it may be the critical factor associated with COVID-induced encephalitis in children.

Chen Hsi-chou, Chief of Pediatrics, Tri-Service General Hospital: “We may only infer that for this part, this mutation site may be it. But whether it causes encephalitis or results in a more severe case, we can only observe and cannot conclude absolutely. It requires further scientific verification.”

Hospitals that observe the severe children's cases noted that the infection index for the children is all abnormally high. However, they are unable to find evidence of viral infection in the central nervous system. In the future, it will, together with National Health Research Institutes and National Defense Medical Center Preventive Medicine Institute conduct further test analysis. At the current stage, doctors still recommend vaccination as a priority to prevent severe cases in children.










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