Public Says Police Murderer Deserves Death Sentences 社會籲凶嫌應判死 蘇揆:法務部權責辦理

The DPP and the KMT Legislative Yuan group expressed their condolences respectively. The KMT group criticized Tainan's public security, whose crime rate and criminal population is among the top out of the six special municipalities. 

The murder of two police officers in Tainan shocked society. The KMT held a press conference mourning the deceased police officers, but also criticized Tainan's deteriorating public security as its crime rate and criminal population rank among the top of the six special municipalities. According to the National Police Agency's statistics, Tainan's crime rate from January to May was 594 per 100,000 population. This also highlights the long-term serious shortage of Tainan's police forces, which is less than 1,000 police officers.

Lee Yen-hsiu, KMT Deputy Secretary-General: “They have not fulfilled their promise to provide money and personnel. Tsai Ing-wen should address this matter clearly. Hsu Kuo-yung shouldn't just shed tears. He should step down as the police are under-equipped and lack officers.”

Tseng Ming-chung, Legislator (KMT): “The Tsai Administration did not execute the death sentence after sentencing. The number of executions carried out during the Tsai Administration's six years has been very low.”

The police's use of guns has also caused heated discussions. Legislators criticized if the police fire their guns, they go to court. If they don't, they go to the hospital. The opposition parties are hoping to amend regulations regarding police use of guns. Taiwan currently has 38 death row prisoners. Three of them murdered police officers, and no execution has been carried out yet. Legislative Yuan Speaker You Si-kun said the killer should be sentenced to death while KMT asked the government to take a tough stance.

Su Tseng-chang, Premier: “Families of police officer victims will be given the best comfort and benefits. Execution of the death penalty will be handled by the legal department according to its powers and responsibilities.”

Kuo Kuo-wen, Legislator (DPP): “The Speaker said yesterday some people in society also feel this way. People are angry when the murder happened. But we still have to respect the professional training of judicial units and the trial's results.”

The DPP Legislative Yuan Caucus stated that Taiwan does not have just the death penalty. It respects the Ministry of Justice's planning. At this stage, the focus should be on safety and training during duty. Lo Ping-cheng, an Executive Yuan spokesperson, responded that he would invite MOJ Deputy Minister Tsai Pi-chung and others to discuss whether to amend relevant laws. 











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