Police Bust Human Trafficking, Prostitution Ring 台南警破獲人蛇賣淫集團 救出23外籍女

The Tainan City Police Department busted a human trafficking and prostitution ring. The ring preyed on foreign women wishing to go to Taiwan but without sufficient money, funding their travel and entry into Taiwan as legal workers or students. After they arrived, they were forced into prostitution to repay the debts. The police rescued 23 women in this operation.

The police amass at this building located in front of Tainan Railway Station and break open the lock of the door. Inside, they discover women who were forced into prostitution. The majority of them were Vietnamese and Thai women who were tricked into coming to Taiwan by human traffickers. They were hoping to come to Taiwan to work or study, but didn't have enough money. The human traffickers funded their travel and legal entry into Taiwan, and then restricted their movements and forced them into prostitution to repay their debts once they arrived. In this operation, 23 women were rescued.

“Don't run!”The police spent 11 months surveilling the suspects. The arrests made on Aug. 9 included the main suspect surnamed Wang. The police found that the ring sent the women to work as prostitutes to Changhua and Taoyuan in order to earn extra money.

Yen Shui-po, Captain, 5th Precinct, Police Department, Tainan City: “The operation was carried out simultaneously in three prongs, one in Changhua, one in Taoyuan, and one in Tainan. We apprehended 23 foreign women, five patrons, and the suspect surnamed Wang, the head of the human trafficking and prostitution ring.”

The police said the women were forced to remain inside the apartments whose keys were held by members of the ring. They were also under surveillance at all times, and only allowed to communicate through communication software to avoid face to face meetings and the possibility of them escaping. Six members of the ring, including the main suspect, will be investigated for violations of the Organized Crime Prevention Act, human trafficking, and vice crimes.