Rainbow Village Defaced After City Opts Not to Renew License 疑業者不滿市府不續約 漆抹彩虹眷村牆壁

M. Chuang
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The company that operates Rainbow Village has been accused of vandalizing the village's murals after the city government decided not to renew it operating license. The Cultural Affairs Bureau says it will press charges against the company, but it will require time to restore the damage. Experts hope the two sides can come to the negotiating table and calmly come up with a solution to save the international attraction.

After the city government decided not to renew its operating license for Rainbow Village and failed to give the operator adequate notice, Rainbow Creative Co. workers allegedly defaced the village's murals with paint. The village was closed for renovations on Aug. 1. Many were saddened by the fate that befell the village.

Tourist: “We don't know what happened. (You don't know what the dispute was over?) That's right.”

Huang Yung-fu, Rainbow Grandpa: “Repairs? (Is that possible?) Yes.”

The city government says all of the buildings and murals are the property of the city and it will press charges against the company. The creator of the murals, "Rainbow Grandpa" Huang Yung-fu, was happy to hear the city's plans to restore the murals. However, the Cultural Affairs Bureau says time and skill are needed to restore the murals and it can't do anything until the intellectual property suit is settled. 

Chen Chia-chun, Director, Cultural Affairs Bureau, Taichung City: “We have to consult with professionals on the finer points and details.”

Huang Cheng-tsung, Associate Professor, Dept. of Tourism, Providence University: “I hope the city government will work with Rainbow Creative Co. to restore this cultural attraction.”

Experts say Rainbow Village is a renowned tourist destination and the company was out of line. They also hope the two sides can come to the negotiating table and come up with a solution to save the village.




遊客:「他就要破壞,我們也不知道是什麼情形,我們不清楚,(不知道什麼糾紛喔) 對啊」

彩虹爺爺黃永阜:「整修 (這樣可以嗎) 可以整修」