Player Injured at Hsinchu Stadium May Need Surgery 球團:林哲瑄左肩關節唇破裂 不排除需開刀

Here's the latest on the Hsinchu Baseball Stadium debacle. The Fubon Guardians confirmed on July 26 that outfielder Lin Che-hsuan, who sustained an injury while playing at the stadium, has suffered a labral tear in his left shoulder and may require surgery. He is also likely to miss the rest of the season. Meanwhile, prosecutors have opened up an investigation.

“This ball is hit pretty well and heads into the middle right field. The right fielder pounces on it. He got it! Today, his shrimp fishing pond is the right field.”During a game on July 23, Fubon Guardians outfielder Lin Che-hsuan sustained an injury while fielding a ball. On July 26, the team confirmed a preliminary examination showed Lin sustained a labral tear to his left shoulder and will be out for three months. He underwent a second examination at Fu Jen Catholic University Hospital on July 27. He may require surgery, and may miss the rest of the season.

Lin Che-hsuan (July 24, 2022), Fubon Guardians Player: “I didn't feel there was any cushioning, because it was all loose on top. However, when I pounced, it felt very hard.”

The injury occurred at Hsinchu Baseball Stadium, which underwent a renovation and was reopened before final inspections were completed. Numerous players have been injured since. The Kuomintang said former Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien of the Democratic Progressive Party, who resigned to run in the Taoyuan City mayoral election, needs to take full responsibility.

William Tseng, Legislator (KMT): “This includes criminal responsibility, financial responsibility, administrative responsibility, and political responsibility, so we're asking Lin Chih-chien to come forward and give a clear explanation about how he's going to take responsibility.”

Meanwhile, Lin Chih-chien offered to pay for Lin Che-hsuan's medical expenses. Many fans expressed their displeasure via Lin Chih-chien's Facebook page.

Lin Chih-chien, DPP Taoyuan City Mayoral Candidate: “I immediately phoned the team's GM Lin Hua-wei to express my concern. If there's anything I can help with in terms of the medical treatment, then I hope to do my part.”

Tsou Mao-yu, Head Prosecutor, Hsinchu District Prosecutors Office: “With regards to the various issues resulting from the reopening of Hsinchu Baseball Stadium last Friday, this office launched an investigation several days ago, and prosecutors will investigate and clarify facts.”

The Hsinchu District Prosecutors Office says it has already launched an investigation and divided up duties. It will investigate why the stadium was reopened even though it hadn't undergone required inspections, and whether any laws were violated.












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