Wanhua Power Outage Affects over 4,000 Households 萬華環河南路一帶昨晚停電 影響4千多戶

New electricity usage records have been set recently due to the stifling hot weather. Economic Affairs Minister Wang Mei-hua says the current period is the time of year with the highest electricity usage. Moreover, private cogeneration businesses are reducing their electricity generation and buying Taipower's electricity due to high international fuel prices.

The street is pitch black. At around 11 p.m. on July 25, the power went out without warning on Section 2 of Huanhe South Road in Taipei's Wanhua District. Although Taipower immediately started repairs, some 4,000 households were affected.

Wang Mei-hua, Economic Affairs Minister: “The power outage last night in Wanhua was caused by a malfunction with a high voltage transformer. Taipower conducted repairs as quickly as it could, and was able to restore power to over 1,000 households within two minutes. This equipment had to be replaced, and that was completed before 1 a.m.”

Economic Affairs Minister Wang Mei-hua said the numerous power outages that have plagued all areas of Taiwan in recent weeks can be divided into three categories. They are electrical failures, animal interference, and external interference. She added that Taipower does its best to rush through repairs as soon as a power outage occurs. Meanwhile, the power supply load during recent daytime hours has been very high. One reason is that temperatures exceed 38 degrees Celsius. Another is the surge in international fuel prices, which has caused private cogeneration businesses to reduce their electricity generation and purchase electricity from Taipower.

Wang Mei-hua, Economic Affairs Minister: “Private cogeneration businesses have reduced their electricity generation, and they're also purchasing Taipower's electricity. This has also caused electricity usage to grow. With regards to this, Taipower is hurriedly revising its contracts with related cogeneration businesses.”

Wang said that although electricity usage has skyrocketed, there is still a sufficient supply for consumption during daytime hours because five million kilowatts can be generated every day through solar power during daytime hours. Adjustments will also be made to the supply for peak nighttime usage hours to ensure a stable supply.









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