Chinese Bank Depositors Face Police in Angry Protest 存款遭凍結 數千鄭州民眾人行前抗議

M. Chuang
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Early morning on July 10, thousands of customers gathered outside the Zhengzhou branch of the country's central bank to protest the freezing of tens of thousands of accounts. According to PRC media reports, close to RMB 40 billion in deposits have been frozen and reports of protestors being surrounded by police and beaten by unknown persons were suppressed by the government.

“Give us our money back! Give us our money back!”

At 5 a.m. on the 10th, thousands of people gathered outside the People's Bank of China branch in Zhengzhou to protest the freezing of their accounts. Some said their Health Code randomly changed to "red" when they tried to withdraw funds.

Protestors: “Gangsters! Gangsters!”

Tension has been building since April, when 400,000 accounts at dozens of banks in Henan and Anhui were first reported frozen. According to PRC media reports, total frozen funds total close to RMB40 billion. The protestors called on the authorities to launch an investigation, with uniformed and plainclothes police dispatched to break up the protest.

Uploaded videos showed protestors being surrounded by police and then dragged away and beaten by a group of people in white as police stood watching. According to reports, the PRC government is suppressing news on the protest.