Public Angered by Isolation Notice Bureaucracy 數位健康證明 確診者居隔書補發功能上線

An estimated half-million people who tested positive for COVID-19 have not gotten their isolation notices. People that tested positive before May 26 and those that did not receive their notice within three days of testing positive after May 27 can now apply online for to have their notices resent.

Up until now, people that require isolation notices in order to qualify for medical treatment had to line up outside their local health office. Having to do this in the middle of Taiwan's mass outbreaks angered a lot of people. The Executive Yuan began sending electronic notices on the 25th, but those that need notices to be resent will have to wait until the 30th. People that tested positive between May 1 and May 26 that have not yet received electronic notices and those that tested positive after the 27th that didn't receive their notices within three days can apply to have their notices resent.

Chuang Jen-hsiang, Central Epidemic Command Center Spokesperson: “...for example, if your cell phone number or address format isn't correct. People that have not gotten electronic isolation notices can use this system to apply to have the notice resent. This will reduce the burden on our frontline administrative personnel.”

Minister Without Portfolio Audrey Tang says applications can be submitted either via the national health insurance app or the digital COVID-19 certificate website. Notices can later be printed out at a convenience store. Tang also said the government is working on isolation notices for contacts.

Audrey Tang, Minister Without Portfolio: “There are probably some people who need to log in again or submit a form again. So, once this system goes online today, we will start working on downloads for contacts that need isolation notices.”

According to the Executive Yuan, 20 percent of people do not fill out the self-reporting forms properly and 25 percent don't bother filling out the form at all. Therefore, only 55 percent of people that test positive get sent their isolation notice and an estimated 500,000 have not. As of 10 a.m. on the 30th, which was the day the system went online, around 7,000 people had registered.