PCR Test Takers Reminded to Leave Correct Number PCR採檢民眾填範例電話 衛生局無法聯繫

People have been urged to leave their correct phone numbers when getting PCR tests, as the results will be sent to their phone. One Changhua County resident left a phone number starting with 0900, meaning this person could not be located. Meanwhile, a health official says the actual number of cases may be five times the number of reported cases.

This information card produced by the Changhua County government is to remind people taking PCR tests to provide their correct mobile phone number, and has the phone number "0900000000" as an example. Recently, the county's Public Health Bureau discovered that a person with a positive PCR test result had simply copied the example and could not be located.

Yeh Yen-po, Director, Public Health Bureau, Changhua County: “This person actually filled in the central government's EDM mobile phone number. We would like to thank this person for following the government's instructions to a tee.”

The bureau accessed hospital records and managed to find this person. It also amended the card to add the statement that people should fill in their own mobile phone numbers. It says 10 percent of people filled in wrong numbers, delaying the notification of results and creating extra work to track them down. Meanwhile, a health official said there are many unreported cases.

Hwang Kao-pin, Central Region Commander, Medical Network: “In theory (if it's triple), then there should be about two million people in Taiwan who have already been infected. The cumulative number reported by the government is about 800,000. The other 1.6 million are unreported. If these (asymptomatic) infected people have antibodies, then it won't be likely that they get infected again. That's why the higher the number of unreported cases, the better.”

The official said the situation is plateauing, and the number of unreported cases may be five to 10 times that of reported cases. If these cases are asymptomatic, self-immunity will increase. If the third-dose coverage rate reaches 80 percent, then herd immunity may be achieved. Doctors believe there are numerous unreported cases and the number of reported cases will peak at the end of May.

Chiang Kuan-yu, Doctor, Taipei City Hospital Zhongxing Branch: “It may occur (from the end of May) to the beginning of June, so you still have to be careful. There will be a period when the number of confirmed cases will peak and it will extend for some time.”

Doctors predict a peak period, with the daily number of cases reaching 160,000 to 170,000 including unreported cases. Herd immunity may be possible in the future, but in the meantime the focus should still be on preventing moderate and severe cases and reserving PCR testing for those who need it.