Lee Ming-che Holds Press Conference 遭中國關押5年 李明哲返台後首公開露面

Democracy activist Lee Ming-che spoke to the media for the first time after he had been imprisoned in China for five years. He thanked all those who assisted and said his experience could serve as a precedent to rescue other political prisoners. 

The couple bowed deeply and thanked everyone for their concern and assistance. Lee Ming-che, who was sentenced to five years in prison by China for subversion of state power, held a press conference on the 10th after being released and returned to Taiwan. He talked about being arrested for his past humanitarian work in China, assisting political prisoners and their family members. Lee said that Chinese investigators questioned him based on espionage. He was very grateful to his wife, Lee Ching-yu, for seeking international assistance so that he could return safely to Taiwan.

Lee Ming-che, Taiwan NGO Worker: “Because my wife was always aggressive in seeking domestic and international help, I finally got five years in prison. Otherwise, I may have been sentenced to seven years, ten years, or even life imprisonment, according to what Chinese officials told me at the time.”

Mrs. Lee said that she was helpless during this period and did not know whether her husband would return safely. She dared not hope for this day. Mrs. Lee especially thanked the family of former DPP chairperson Shih Ming-teh for their assistance and strategy in balancing personal safety and national dignity to bring back Mr. Lee safely.

Lee Ching-yu, Lee Ming-che's Wife: “Oppressors only dare to abuse people in private. They will never dare to be violent in public. The more open and transparent the rescue work, the safer it is for victims, especially international rescue operations. It will greatly increase the victim's visibility and safety.”

Some people are curious whether Lee will run for political office after returning to Taiwan? He said he has no political ambitions and just wants to return to a normal life with his wife.