Command Post Rumored to Be Set Up in Hsuehshan Tunnel? 防共軍第一擊 傳雪隧設戰時指揮中心

P. Hsu
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It is rumored that the military and the Freeway Bureau will cooperate to set up a command center in the depths of the Hsuehshan Tunnel, which can replace the Hengshan command post in wartime. Legislators said it might not be appropriate to disclose the information.

Due to the Russia-Ukraine war and China's continuous threat of force, the Taiwanese military is re-evaluating the ability of underground command posts in each combat area to withstand a first blow and prevent the PLA from invading Taiwan. It has been rumored that the Ministry of National Defense and the Freeway Bureau cooperated to set up a command post deep in the Hsuehshan Tunnel. The Joint Operations Command Center (JOCC) at Hengshan Command Post can be transferred here in the event of a war. Legislator Wang Ting-yu, a member of the Legislative Yuan's Foreign and National Defense Committee, believes this can improve the survival rate of the military's command and communications system.

Wang Ting-yu, Legislator (DPP): “In addition to improving defense to maintain a command center's survival rate, there should be scattered, redundant, and other locations available to ensure the continuation of joint operations command. A flat command structure is what the MND has been thinking and preparing for in recent years.”

In terms of its topographical position, the Hsuehshan Tunnel is surrounded by mountains. Its ventilation shaft is 512 meters deep, which is higher than Taipei 101. The tunnel can withstand bombing and has ventilation relay stations. The existing configuration of the tunnel's optical fiber's frequency bands and bandwidths would allow for a command center to be set up. This center would not only be suitable for personnel survival but also allow large-scale equipment to be stationed. This center is expected to be tested during this year's Han Kuang Exercise.

Su Tzu-yun, Director, Defense Strategy and Resources Division, Institute for National Defense and Security Research: “Currently, known traditional penetrating bombs, such as the mother of bombs and father of bombs, cannot penetrate the geological thickness of the mountain. Not even a tactical nuclear bomb can penetrate the mountain.”

Su believes that although the tunnel's ventilation shaft has other risks, it is still a good option as a backup command post. The MND only responded in a low-key manner and said the site can be included for further analysis and evaluation. Whether it is appropriate to disclose the information of the backup bases during wartime has aroused discussion. Many legislators believe that they should fulfill their duty of confidentiality so as not to affect national security. 








國防院戰略所所長蘇紫雲表示: 「所以在這樣地質的厚度,目前所知傳統的這種鑽地炸彈,不管是炸彈之母或炸彈之父,甚至戰術核彈都無法打穿。」