Unemployed Adopted Son Robs Disable Father 無業男4搶乞討養父送辦 搶奪罪嫌起訴

In Taoyuan, a 29-year-old man had been unemployed for a long time and stole his adoptive father's money four times. He was later arrested by the police. The Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office concluded the investigation and charged him with robbery. The disappointed father also petitioned to the court to terminate the adoption.

Mr. Tsai sits in a wheelchair and begs for money in a traditional market because he was injured in a car accident. In October last year, his 29-year-old adopted son was suspected of stealing his money on the street and was arrested by the police. The Taoyuan District Prosecutors Office has concluded its investigation and charged the suspect with robbery.

Mr. Tsai: “My adopted son came to the market to grab my money. Are you sad? No. Since it already happened. Does he work? No. None at all.”

Market Vendor: “His adopted son's birth father passed away and his mom left him. So Mr. Tsai adopted him, thinking that his adopted son would help him when he got old. How did he know the adoption didn't work out?”

Mr. Tsai currently receives a monthly disability allowance of more than NT$4,000, but his rent is NT$8,000 and he lives by begging. Prosecutors discovered the adopted son is unemployed and has robbed Mr. Tsai four times, each time for NT$100 to NT$200. The third and fourth times were on the morning of October 7, when he took NT$100. 

Passers-by Call Police: “Later that day, he turned around and stole another NT$100. A passerby called the police, who arrested him, with only NT$52 remaining from the stolen money.”

Feng Li-tse, Chief, Guishan Police Station: “The suspect fled after stealing his adoptive father's money twice in the traditional market. After we received the report, we rushed to the scene to confirm the suspect's identity. We found him in an alley 1km away 30 minutes later and arrested the suspect, who had NT$52 remaining in stolen money.”

Prosecutors determined that the adopted son's crime was clear, and said the legal process would continue even without anyone suing as robbery is a criminal offense. Meanwhile, Mr. Tsai has petitioned the Taoyuan District Court to terminate the adoption.